From 1 to 35,535: Headlong Into Wry OR Reloading? Why Not! (REVISED)

How many Timberwolves have been named Anthony?

Let's see, last year's pair is easy to recall: Tolliver and Randolph. And another Anthony who is still playing in the NBA lasted two seasons with MN: Carter. That leaves the fourth and final Anthony: Goldwire, who played a total of 66 minutes for the Target Center 5.

Unless you are looking for accuracy, in which case you probably want to mention a fifth Anthony who played for the Wolves, a certain Mr. Peeler who just so happens to rank #5 in all time minutes played for the team. Mea stupida culpa. A big "thank you" to Averagesizedticker, who noted this omission in the comments below.

Goldwire holds the distinction of being the first Timberwolves player who had previously played for FC Barcelona. You might say he was the proto-Rubio. You might also say he was not gifted with any unicorniness.

AG is like many of the players on the bottom end of the T'wolves' minutes-played list. He was a college senior who went 52nd in the 1994 draft. Though the Suns picked him, he never played for Phoenix.

He did play just about everywhere else, though. Here's the list from Wikipedia:

Career history
1994–1996 Yakima Sun Kings (CBA)
1996–1997 Charlotte Hornets
1997–1998 Denver Nuggets
1998–1999 Olympiacos (Greece)
1999–2000 FC Barcelona (Spain)
2000–2001 Kansas City Knights (ABA)
2001 Denver Nuggets
2001–2002 Skipper Bologna (Italy)
2002 San Antonio Spurs
2002–2003 Yakima Sun Kings (CBA)
2003 Washington Wizards
2003 Gigantes de Carolina (Puerto Rico)
2003–2004 Yakima Sun Kings (CBA)
2004 Minnesota Timberwolves

Aris (Greece)
New Jersey Nets
Criollos de Caguas (Puerto Rico)
Milwaukee Bucks
Detroit Pistons
Milwaukee Bucks
Los Angeles Clippers
Yakama Sun Kings (CBA)
Pamesa Valencia (Spain)
Panellinios (Greece)
Lokomotiv-Kuban (Russia)
Egaleo (Greece)

And I think that misses the last part of his career, such as another stint in Spain in 2009.

His NBA career highs were 22 points; 9 rebounds; 15 assists. He was the season and finals MVP in the CBA in 2006. And in 2010 he was hired as an assistant coach by the Bucks, a position which he still holds. Look for him on the sidelines next time there's a MIN/MIL game.


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