The Frostback report from the MTS Center

Let's get er done.

So I got to see my beloved puppies live again. It's been a long 7 + years. And I got to see them in the "Home Court" for the 1st ever Canada Series.

It was a nice beautiful fall night in the River City. It was a nice calm 0 C night. If you need it in Fahrenheit, here you go.. Good time for see how the home of the loudest fans in the NHL is like. I am guessing about 10,000 Manitobans showed up for the Loveless game. I had to throw that in there.

So a B Wright was the host of the game for the commercial breaks? Is he the same Bracey Wright that played for the Wolves some years ago as a scrub? He actually did a decent job hosting the entertainment. He tried getting the very subdued crowd into the mix. Onto the game to the best of my recollection. The game started off very badly for the Wolves. Lots of bricks were getting laid in the beginning of the game. The teams finally got in to the groove of the game and it was on.

The caged Lion. c+ C+ I think he played a very passive game tonight. Looking at the box score, I am absolutely amazed that he ended up with 18 points. He came out rather good for shooting in the first half, and then floated around the perimeter. I found he was quite foul prone, Especially within the first 5 minute of the 2nd half. The wolves need to seriously market the guy to get some return on him.

The Godfather B I think he had a great game, but I don't know why he was given the ball in the high post so much. He is not a threat there. If you are going to give it to him, give it to him on the low post area. He did some awesome garbage work, and had a few nice plays down low.

Luke Ridnour B I don't remember him very much in the beginning of the game. Maybe it's because I was up in the nose bleeds as high as you could go for the first part. He had some great shooting in the 2nd half that generated about the only offence in the 3rd quarter. I think he got the team into the sets reasonable well.

Brandon Roy B- He did a decent job tonight. The wolves were definetely trying to establish him for the 1st quarter and the 3rd quarter. When he was on the floor, he was used quite a bit. There is a serious amount of rust to come off his game.

AK47 I wasn't very impresed with him tonight. He was having a quiet game and didn't seem to be the most focused. I can't really remember much that sticks to mind about his play aside from afew cases of can't hold on to the ball.

Air Bud: A

Dude gets the game ball along with the most points in the game. He played a great game. Alexei Shved found him in the corners for a lot of great 3 balls. It's soooo good to get reliable wing play and shooting from the corners. He displayed some great smarts with his cuts and had been the recipient of some excellent passes due to his knowledge of where to be.

Dante Cunningham: B

Great high energy player. Coach Adleman better give him the first big off the bench role. He totally outplayed Derrick Williams. He was active on the boards, and displayed a nice 15 foot jumper. I definetely see him becoming a fan favorite.

JJ Barea B. I'm glad to have him on the team to anchor the 2nd unit. Without Barea, I don't think our 2nd unit would have any chance at all of offensive play. Yes he's a ball hog, but the unit needs someone to break down the defence.

Alexey Schved B. His defense is suspect. But his offensive potential is really there. I am so happy Granted I was in the upper bowl, but I was amazed at how many times scoring opportunities were made due to his passing. From the nose bleeds, I kept on mistaking him for Lou Amundson due to the pony tail until play began.

Overall: The game was fairly subdued. The only real highlight of the game was from pre season practice roster Chris Johnson with a nice dunk. I don't know what was wrong with the start of the 2nd half. The Pistons really came out on fire, but the wolves offence was sooooo pathetic. I am really worried about what is going to happen when they go into that kind of funk in the regular season. But I got to see my wolves live, and that's all what counts at the end of the night.

96-0 guys.

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