From 1 to 35,535: Mirthless Ache

It may be a byproduct of looking at players who barely registered a blip in Timberwolves' history (and often the NBA's as well) as we work our way up from one minute played to KG's tenure in MN, but some of the bios are not the happiest (see last post's links about schizophrenia). And the guy we are examining now, with 39 minutes played in 1995 for our favorite squad, falls on the unpleasant side of things.

This Georgetown guard was once the Big East Player of the Year; played in the Olympics for Team USA; and made it to the NBA despite being undrafted. Most of his career was spent bouncing around the CBA and then Europe, but before his time in MN he was a Boston Celtic for a couple of seasons. His most recent appearance in the news, however, was when he was shot two years ago in his suburban DC home, where a search turned up lots of cocaine and evidence of a gambling operation.

But that was not his first violent brush with the law. While on a ten-day contract with the Celtics, he killed two BU students in a hit-and-run. He was convicted of motor-vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of a crime.

His name? Charles Smith, or, more fully, Charles E. Smith IV. I assume no relation to this guy:


This Charles E. Smith, also from Washington, DC, was an immigrant who founded what became the region's largest real estate developer. He was a philanthropist as well. When I lived in DC, I lived in a "Charles E. Smith" apartment.

So what's left for after the jump? A bunch of anagrams, since "Charles E. Smith" is a great source of them. I chose "Mirthless Ache" for the title of the post since it seemed apt, but if you want to see some of the alternatives, by all means jump.

Charles E. Smith is an anagram for:

Her Alchemists

Matchless Heir

Hermit Clashes

Christmas Heel

Chairs, Helmets

Harshest Clime

Harmless Ethic

Leather Schism

Hamster Chisel

Cherish Metals

Math Chiselers

Cherishes Malt

His reach melts

Search this elm

Let's search him

Lace mesh shirt

Her camel sh*ts

That's a good place to stop. They are endless.

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