NBA League Pass -- Pick Your Five!

It's that time, folks! My subscription to NBA League Pass Broadband Choice was just instantly renewed (to my surprise but not my chagrin). I am faced with the usual annual dilemma -- pick five teams and only five. Which five and why? I'll list my choices after the jump, reasons why, and ask that you please do the same in the comments!

Before I dig in, let me explain my reasoning:

-- I don't care so much about winning or losing. I care about watching compelling basketball, be it playing style, players, coaches, etc.

-- I enjoy watching the rookies.

-- No need to pick teams that will have heavy TV rotation (so yes, I really want to watch the Kobe/Nash Princeton offense give me the ball Lakers...on ESPN and the networks).

-- I love the crazy players and the narratives.

So here we go.

1. Wolves. I live on the east coast and I'm a total wolves homer. I gotta watch every game I can.

2. Rockets. We got McHale as coach and ever since his days announcing games with Kevin Harlan, I like to keep tabs on the guy. When he does well, i'm happy for him. When he does poorly, schadenfreude. We got Jeremy Lin in a position to prove himself as a legit star or a dude who went on an incredibly memorable run (he also inherits Yao Ming's Houston Asian mantle). Rookies galore to include White who's well...the most interesting rookie for all the wrong reasons.

3. Knicks. C'mon. Sheed pushed 'em right over the edge of crazy. Not match on Lin's offer (cuz uh, that would make Lin overpaid but not Amare or Carmelo) then bring in all the oldest dudes you can find. Let Fields walk. Don't worry about balancing the roster or team chemistry. I love it. Can you imagine JR Smith, Carmelo and Amare on the court at the same time? Might as well let them play with three balls. Or the old man lineup? Kidd, Camby, Thomas, Wallace? Unfortunately that will never happen -- not enough walkers to go around.

4. Hornets. The unibrow cometh. Austin Rivers -- will he be as bad as we suspect? Is Gordon gonna, you know, play now? WP48 loves Ryan Anderson -- will he have an expanded role on this limited roster and will he sustain his WP numbers? Gonna be a hard team to watch on occasion, but gotta watch Davis.

5. I dunno. Denver with Iggy? Cleveland? Utah? Phoenix with our dysfunctional ex-wolves? Brooklyn to see the sad celeb faces at courtside when they realize the team isn't as good as people expect? Sacramento? Indiana? You tell me.

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