From 1 to 35,535: I'm Wally, I score!

In my last post there were allegations that I use an internet app to find anagrams, a charge to which I vigorously plead guilty. So, this one time only, I am reverting to the old do-it-by hand method. I have to say, I like the anagram I came up with for the name of the player being profiled herein. It's a nice nod to a Timberwolf past.

Alas, Wally Szczerbiak never got to play with Corey Williams.


Today's Quiz: Corey Williams Trivia

  1. Despite not having played football since junior high, CW was drafted in the 12th round by what NFL team?
  2. How many Timberwolves have had the last name Williams?
  3. How many Timberwolves were named Corey?
  4. Corey Williams played in the CBA in 1994 for the Oklahoma _____________(fill in the blank)
  5. Williams played on a 10-day contract for MN in 93-94. How many minutes did he play while scoring 11 points over four games?
  6. Williams went from the Wolves to the Grand Rapid Mackers. WTF is a Macker?
  7. From there, Williams went to play for the Dacin Tigers in what country?
  8. What position did Williams play?
  9. When his playing days ended, Williams became an assistant coach. 2000-2007 at Oral Roberts; since 2007 he has been an assistant for which university?
  10. What # did Williams wear for MN?
  11. How many NBA Championship rings does Williams have?

The answers after the jump.

The answers:
  1. Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. Four: Corey, Derrick, Micheal, Sheldon.
  3. Two. Brewer and Williams.
  4. Cavalry.
  5. 46
  6. The team was owned for a few years by the guys who run the Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament; Gus Macker being an alias for Scott McNeal, the organization's founder.
  7. Taiwan. I will accept "Free China" as an acceptable alternative.
  8. Point guard.
  9. FSU
  10. 12
  11. One. He was a second round pick of the Bulls and lasted one season with Chicago, playing in the backcourt with Jordan during the championship season of 1992-93.

Scoring: If you got any of the above right, you are a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Corey Williams hugs his old OSU coach, Eddie Sutton.

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