Tweets of the Week!

I joined Twitter exclusively to see what was going on with the Timberwolves. No other reason. If I want to see what my friends are up to I can check their blogs, or Facebooks, or do something unconventional like pick up the phone...and text (not actually call them - that would be ridiculous). But the Timberwolves provide endless entertainment. Here's what I've learned over the past couple of seasons:

-Kevin Love loves Kevin Love. He effectively uses his Twitter account to promote anything that he's involved in, whether it's his breast cancer campaign, Call of Duty marketing, or whatever cell phone event he's attending in LA, but he'll keep you hanging around with the occasional funny tweet or instagram photo. Following him during the Olympics was well worth all the other bs.

-Malcolm Lee is deep and sort of depressing. I wrote a brief recap a couple of weeks ago (found here). He's been suspiciously quiet since the start of the season. I'm hoping it's because he's focused on his new-found starting role, rather than being consumed with his inner demons.

-Dante Cunningham is not only captain of Team Hustle on the court, he's also hilarious off of it. I will admit to not understanding the majority of what he writes (what does "New Cod is real" mean?), but his photos are well worth it.

-Ricky Rubio can speak Spanish

-Alexey Shved can speak Russian. Russian is a crazy looking language.

-Nikola Pekovic doesn't have a twitter account (as far as I can find) but his arm tattoo has two of them. @PeksTat and @Pekstattoo. They are hilarious.

-Stop-n-pop loves him some twitter. @canishoopus fills up my feed consistently, but is totally worth it. Especially when he goes to the games. Highly recommended.

Not interested in starting a Twitter account of your own? That's okay. I'm planning on following along with the Wolves and reposting three of the best Tweets of the week moving forward. I considered posting a poll to determine the best tweet, but I've decided to go with the more democratic process of choosing it myself. By the way, if anyone can provide guidance on how to copy and paste the tweet rather than just writing it, please let me know.

Without further ado:

#3 - Greg Stiemsma (@gregstiemsma) - I think I found my new favorite side dish. Quinoa! #chefStiemer

-I really like this tweet only because he included a hashtag with a self-appointed nickname. I clicked the hastag link and found that this was the first and only time this subject line has ever been used. Congrats Stiemer!

#2 - Will Conroy (@chillconroy) - Thanks all my new twolves fans - Wishing you guys nothing but success this season...

-Cheerleader Captain to the end. I'm going to miss seeing him jumping up and down on the bench. Josh Howard may provide some depth and may make an occasional jumper, but we've lost the official chemist of 2012/2013. Sad face.

#1 - Chase Budinger (@Cbudinger) - First rehab down. Icing watching price is right. How do i meet the price is right women! #hotties

-Yes, Chase, how do you meet those women? I have an idea. Rehab your ass off, miraculously heal up in less than 3-4 months, and get back on the court. Ladies notice things like that. Hard work, ability to hit a 3 pointer, and wearing a professional basketball uniform will catch the lady's eye, despite your weird white hair and ginger beard.

Congrats Chase on your first Tweet of the Week award! Your trophy and cash prize are in the mail.

T-Wolves, tweets are important. Keep them coming. And wins. And magical healing powers.

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