Follow-up on Stop-N-Pop comment

In a previous post, Stop-N-Pop made the following comment:

Side-topic: Let's pause for a moment to think of how awesome this team is going to be at full strength with Bud, Rubio, Love, and Pek next to AK. That's a perfectly complimentary 5. Guys like Ham or Shved will be put in their natural backup positions.

Nobody really picked up on this in the following commentary, but I think this is worth discussing. To me, it seems that he is suggesting that this will be the starting five once the wounded are all back in combat. I couldn't agree more. I think Chase (or another 3-point sniper that is currently not on the roster) needs to be on the court together with Rubio, and Schved is not that person (I also agree with him in loving Schved as the 6th man and DC also as energy off the bench). I really feel we NEED to have a reliable "young Ray Allen" type guy with Ricky for us to utilize his Unicorn skills maximally and that Bud is the closest thing we have on our roster right now (although him guarding SG's is a stretch and may be problematic).

This leads naturally to the next question. The biggest long-term question for this year is what do we target with our legitimate trade assets (DWill and a PG?) to fill out this roster when the injured return? Where are we weakest and most vulnerable? Previously, I thought we should be targeting a C/PF with our assets (Varejao or Hawes, etc.), because I just don't think that the Steimsma/Amundson duo is the strongest part of our bench. Now (with the Roy uncertainty) I wonder if what we really need even more is a starting SG who can hit the 3 (Redick, Korver, Lee, Henderson, Morrow, etc.). It seems like DWill/JJ or DWill/Luke (and even a pick if necessary) should be able to land us a quality player to fill this roster out. Or is it better to just stay with what we have rather than add new wrinkles?

I'm really interested what others think - in my categories, I'd see the options something like this:

1. Go for a C/PF for an incredibly powerful 3-man frontcourt rotation (Pek, Love, Varajeo - with DC as support)

2. Go for a 3-point sniping SG who can start beside Rubio if needed (even if his defense is weak - with Rubio and AK on the floor with him, our starting SG doesn't have to be a defensive star).

3. Neither 1 or 2 - we need to address a different need (specified).

4. Stop all this stupid speculation and keep the group and the great chemistry and depth we have for the whole year and let Adelman work his magic - we've had enough tinkering over the last few years!

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