Please let Derrick Williams leave Minnesota

Rick Adelman has destroyed Williams game. It's sad. You select Williams at number 2 in the draft and then try to turn him into Dante Cunningham. Why draft a player #2 and then try to turn him into a role player?

Since Williams has gotten to Minnesota, Adelman has been trying to turn him into a player he's not. First he was a role player behind Love and Beasley. Next Adelman tried to turn him into a 3. He lost weight and got his nose fixed and Adelman still trashed him at every turn.

Williams is a player that plays from the outside in, not from the inside out. Adelman wants him to stop shooting 3's and hanging around the 3 point line or inside the 3'point line on the wings.


He had one of the best 3 point percentages in College. Did Adelman even watch College tape of Williams? He's a Power Forward like Ryan Anderson but more athletic. Here's a video of highlights from Williams at Arizona. You see he plays outside in and he was set up on plays where he was cutting to the basket. He wasn't the greatest one on one player yet the Wolves expect him to play this one on one basketball. If you look at the stats, you see Williams gets his shot blocked a lot. This is because you pass him the ball and then want him to create off the dribble. It would be better to have Williams cut to the baseline, get a pick by AK then have Luke or JJ pass the ball to a cutting Williams. Let Williams play from the outside in.

Derrick Williams 2010 Highlights University of Arizona Basketball (via ArizonaAthletics)

If you watch the video, Derrick Williams dominates on mostly cuts to the basket and setting up behind the 3 point line and playing from the outside in.

Why in the world would the Wolves draft a guy at number 2 and then try to turn him into Dante Cunningham? Why try to turn the number 2 pick into a role player? Adelman should have played to Williams strengths and incorporated his strengths into the offense. This is what you're supposed to do. MKG was selected #2 by the Bobcats and he's playing like he did in Kentucky. They didn't select MKG and try to turn him into a player that he's not.

Please trade Derrick Williams. Again, it's insane to try and turn the number 2 pick in the draft into a role player like Dante Cunningham!!

Adelman didn't try to turn Rubio into Luke, so why is he trying to turn Williams into Dante Cunningham?

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