Tweets of the Week

As noted last week, my sole purpose for having a twitter account is to follow the activities of the Timberwolves. Some are more active than others (Dante fills me on every detail of his day), but every once in a while a secret unicorn gem pops up. I'm going to try to present three of the top tweets each week and make the executive decision which wins the coveted award. So, without further ado, these are your Tweets of the Week!!!


#3 Kevin Love (@kevinlove) - Is it black Friday yet??? #b*tchesbeshoppin

-Yes, Kevin, bitches do be shoppin', however, by asking this question aren't you implying that you, yourself, are the bitch? Now, I would never, ever call you that, for fear that you would have a game like you had against Portland last night, or get angry-red-face, or no longer be my best friend in the world. Regardless of your tweet-tentions (did you see what I did there?), it's good to have you back. Things were a little quiet while you were bone-healing. It makes sense. Typing might be a little difficult with a cast on, but your followers need fodder for their Tweets of the Week blog posts. Feed us, Kevin.

#2 Nikola Pekovic (@PeksTat) - Should half won. Ref have the eye of Stevie Wonder. Not know who that is, but I hear he is black man without eyes.

-Now, this isn't actually Pek. This is the knight tattoo on his right arm, who is just slightly shorter than JJ Barea. The actual Pek loves the musical stylings of Stevie Wonder. Songs in the Key of Life just dropped in Montenegro last summer. Pek spent his days breaking boulders and fighting bears and his nights dancing to Stevie in the discotheques wearing his American blue jeans. Disco dance steps translate to sweet low post moves. It's a fact.

#1 Ricky Rubio (@rickyrubio9) - Good morning everyone. Listening "Sweet Home Alabama" while Im heading to practice. I wish u guys a happy week and dont forget to smile.

-Just when I was starting to feel down, a magical unicorn comes along to drop pixie dust on my mood. So what if the Wolves have lost four in a row and now stand under .500 for the first time this season. Ricky is close to being back. The announcers keep saying that they watched him in pregame workouts and he looks good. Love came back two weeks earlier than expected, why not the Spaniard? Ricky is coming.

For filling me with hope and thoughts of half court alley oops, Ricky wins the coveted Tweet of the Week. Trophy and cash prizes are in the mail.

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