Wolves Drafting 10 for 10

So this thought spured when I was talking about Randy Foye earlier and I think it would be a fun talker on a non-Wolves game day.

Rank the past 10 top 10 picks by the Wolves. If I have this right I believe it should be KG, Starburst, Wally World, 4th Quarter Foye, Corey Matthews, Love Boat, Unicorn, Fly Boy, Ghost Game and Lion

Here is mine with a short blurb as to why. Again I am ranking the drafting job the Wolves did with this pick, so for example I will be taking into account other picks available

1.) KG: Pretty obviously no.1 the only HOF drafted by the franchise so far, a perinnial all-star and world champ, plus he single handedly made the franchise interesting for a decade

2.) Unicorn: I'm not saying he is a better player than Love, but his addition solely made the Wolves interesting again, two national games last year, Sportscenter top 10s. He might never be a better overall player than Love but he certainly means more to the franchise in my opinion.

3.) Love Boat: Anytime you draft a guy who can put up 25 ppg and 12+ boards you've done a good job.

4.) Wally World: A solid compliment to KG and a one time all-star, plus the only other pick that probably would have been better was Rip Hamilton

5.) Starbust: maybe a controversial choice by me to put him here, certainly is a better ball player than Wally, but I look at the other players available to the Wolves: Ray Allen was a big time college player and would have been huge playing with KG (Plus he wasn't insane), and obviously--Kobe. I kinda wonder why McHale never tried to just be a kamakazie drafter and at least get some big time buzz, not only did he draft 1 h.s. player he took 2 back to back and built a dynasty

6.) I'm going Foye. He won us a few games in the 4th quarter and I think he was pretty poorly miscast here during his run, which I think he is getting some recompence playing in more suitble roles for him the last few years.

7.) Corey Matthews: He is just a better pro than the other three left here. I ultimately think Williams will have the better career, but currently that is not the case. Plus we didn't really pass on anything too heart breaking, sure Joakim Noah would look nice on our team....but that's really about it

8.) Lion: I am still a believer that he will be a good player, but currently he has not been......however he may as well be Kevin Love in comparison to the next two

9.) Ghost Game: Wes Johnson just was a nothing on the court. So I will write nothing about him.

10.) Fly Boy: The Flynn pick hurts on so many levels, but if nothing else-Steph Curry has always looked like a perfect fit with Rubio, either starting with him or being a bench shooter.

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