The Path to 50 (November Addition)

Oceanary laid out a plan on how to stay get up to pace to make the playoffs. The idea is to get to 50 wins or there about I predicted 54 in the recent season preview thing, but 50 is an easier number to work with. These are the expectations we have for the team. This means the wolves need a .600 winning percentage. Here is the break down per month for wins that we need to get.

Nov – 16 = 10

Dec – 12 = 7

Jan – 15 = 9

Feb – 13 = 8

March – 17 = 10

April – 10 = 6

If we had Rubio and Love the hope would be that we could build up a “bank” of wins to keep us on pace. However, we are not that lucky. We probably are not going to have a perfectly healthy roster at all this season. We have to roll with the punches and if that means that we have to start the fight with a fist or two tied behind our back so be it (I guess we just have to get really good at kicking). No fancy stats or tiers just W’s or no W’s. It is very important that we need to protect home court and beat teams that we are better than. Obviously we could lose some of the games I have projected us to win and win some that I have us projected to lose. That means that we will need to win a hard game if we lose an easy one.

Here are the 16 games this month and the 10 we need to win and hopefully why win them:

2 vs Sacramento – Win 1– Horray! We already one this one!

4 @ Toronto – Win 2- Our Eastern Europeans are better than theirs. Right now they are at least our equals. I think we get it because we are a deeper team and we play better defense (sorry coach Mitchell).

5 @ Brooklyn – Loss – 2nd game of a back to back on the road against a playoff team. We are going to have issues with really good pgs to start the season without Ricky. Deron Williams is one of the best in the league.

7 vs Orlando – Win 3 – At home, against a bad team, we better win. We already played one big baby this month I’m sure Pek would like to eat another one.

9 vs Indiana – Loss – Indy is one of the best teams in the East. I wish we had Love and Rubio for this game because I think at full strength we can beat them. We don’t so we will lose that one at home.

10 @ Chicago – Win 4 – This is the win that I am most doubtful about. We did play them well in preseason, but they are really good at home and really good at defense. However, I have some students who are really big bulls fan and I really want to brag about my wolves beating them. Someone needs to step up and have a great game. My money’s on JJ. I mean really Kirk Hienrich and Nate Robinson guarding him?

12 @ Dallas – Loss – Dirk might be back, might not. However, on the road against a vet squad with talent I don’t see us being able to pull this one out.

14 vs Charlotte – Win 5- It. Is. Charlotte.

16 vs Golden State- Win 6- Home game against a team that isn’t very good. Our Depth, Defense, Dangit we’re at home help us pull this one out.

21 vs Denver – Loss – Denver is really really good. It could hinge on which back up pg has the better game. Andre Miller beats JJ and the Nuggz get the win.

23 @ Portland – Win 7 – Start of a swing around the West coast. We all want to shut the folks at Blazer’s edge up right? I know I do. Roy has an emotional home coming and has a big 4th quarter.

24 @ Golden State – Win 8 – We just played them the week before. By this time half their roster will be injured and we pick up a win against a team of D leaguers and Biedrens.

27 @ Sacramento – Win 9 – Pek eats his 3rd big baby of the month. He shouldn’t eat too many more we need to save his blood lust for the playoffs.

28 @ L.A. Clippers – Loss – We play the Clippers really well. However, it is the 2nd of a back to back and the last game of a long road trip.

30 vs Milwuakee – Win 10- At home against a bad team. We get to 10!

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