Highway 61 Visited- A NOLA Musical Preview

This Friday the Minnesota Timberwolves will be hosted by the New Orleans Hornets Pelicans. The way I see it we Minnesota based fans will have two primary options for getting down to the gulf to see the game in person. We can build a raft and float down the Mighty Mississippi in classic Huckleberry Finn fashion or we can fuel up the ol’ jalopy and drive down on US 61, aka the blues highway. Because of the weather I suggest we try the latter of these two options. If any of you choose to raft I will buy the first round of Hurricanes.

Although the official northern end of this historic highway is now in Wyoming, MN rather than at the Canadian boarder north of Grand Marais, in my mind Highway 61 will always be the highway that runs along both Lake Superior and the Mississippi River. Let the debates begin as to where exactly god asked Bob Dylan to place his unshaded bleachers. Personally I waiver on this point. I will also take this unique opportunity to share/show off the tattoo I got this past summer.



Pretty sweet eh?

Regardless of how you chose to to get to New Orleans you are likely to stop in Memphis. We will deal with their fine musical scene soon enough. I just hope you took the time to stop for some BBQ and were careful not to be hit by a Big Ass Truck.

New Orleans. What can I even say about the musical heritage of this city? Ever since the clash of cultures brought together European instruments and African rhythms this city has been home to a rich and unique musical tradition. To call New Orleans the birthplace of Jazz is at once a huge compliment and a short sell. I feel like one could write a multi-volume set just on the weekly shows by George Porter Jr. and Johnny Vidacovich at the Maple Leaf Bar. I might even write this whole thing without mentioning Louis Armstrong or BeauSoleil. It just seems that no matter what direction we take a whole musical genre will likely be left out. Jazz, Cajun, brass, funk, hip-hop, and classic R&B. The Big Easy has it all. This really is too much responsibility to leave in my hands alone so let’s get on with the preview.

The way I see it New Orleans is a city of music legends. Minnesota is not going to be able to compete by dusting off my memory of the Curbfeelers weekly gig at the 400 Bar in the early 90’s. We will need to put up one of our legends as well. If you have been paying any kind of attention to my personal tastes I think you can guess where I am going with this.


Clearly that was one for the ages. Do you think New Orleans has any legends of their own that are up for the challenge? I think they do.


Whew! That was a doozy. How is one to decide? Don’t forget to vote and be sure to let us know what New Orleans music means to you?

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