Kahn's Shining Talent

Okay, so I felt that this quote was too long for a Fanshot, but linking it would be confusing. Thus, I am obliged to make my first fanpost!

Here is the quote in question:

Obrad Fimic, Alexey Shved's agent, via email, retracing how his client came to be on the Timberwolves: "The first person to show interest in Shved was David Kahn. Shved really peaked when Kahn watched him play at the Euro Championships in Lithuania. David felt his style of play would work well with Rubio's. There was just interest then. Later into the season we knew during the Final 4 in Istanbul that Shved was closer to going to the NBA. Honestly, the whole deal was done thanks to David, who convinced us that Shved is a perfect fit for coach Rick Adelman's system. Alexey and I liked what we heard and here we are." A team source said to not leave out Timberwolves European scout Pete Philo in this equation.

Not stating anything new here, but Kahn takes a lot of flak. However, he does have one undeniable skill: international scouting. Out roster is notably European, this is obvious, but look past JJ, AK, and Darko(who were all free agents) and focus on the international players Kahn brought over. Drafting Pek and Rubio has paid dividends, and so far Shved is projecting to play well above his contract (and it's not even a KahnTract!). For this, I applaud him.

This brings me to my next point. Once Glen Taylor sells, I'm just automatically assuming the Pups will be getting a new GM. The move makes too much sense for the incoming owner, both as a notion of goodwill to the fan base, and (due to Love's comments) the team. I'm also assuming no other teams will want Kahn as their GM. Throw in one more baseless assumption: that Kahn won't be so furious with the organization that he will want to stay part of it, then you get to my point.

Kahn could be a FANTASTIC international scout for the team going forward!

He wouldn't be making all the moves, but his credibility on these players is currently through the roof. If other teams don't realize this, honing in on Kahn's true talent could be a great step in keeping consistently good T-Wolves team out there. International players, when they work out, can generally be signed for below market value (Shved's free agent contract, and Rubio/Pek's rookie contracts are well below their production levels), so keeping Kahn around would be a good move.

Well, that is all I got. Do you agree? Do you want Kahn out, our hands wiped of all memory? Do you think other teams have noticed this trend? Do you think my assumption are making an ass out of you and me? What say you?!

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