Tweets of the Week - Instagram Edition!!!

Hello fellow CH-ers. It's time, once again, to reveal the weekly happenings of our favorite NBA-ers in our favorite social medium. That's right! It's Tweets of the Week!!!

After a slow couple of weeks, there was suddenly a flurry of activity in the Timberwolves Twittosphere. The cause - flurries. Literally. The great snowstorm of December 9th provided both hilarious and adorable tweets from various members of the Timberwolves roster, but a couple of my favorites really came to play. So, to capture the greatness that I found in my Twitter feed, I'm including both the Tweet and Instagram accompaniment.

Tweets of the week are presented in ascending order, determined by a highly scientific formula in the vegter21 research laboratory. Without further ado, here are your Tweets of the Week!!!

#3 Kevin Love (@kevinlove) - Gotta say I feel the same way... rickyrubio9


-Okay, I know that some of us are feeling a little salty towards Love right now. We all knew that he was frustrated. We knew that the contract was going to be an issue eventually. We know that David Kahn stares at himself in the mirror every night, whispering, "You're so awesome" repeatedly.

But when you profess your love for the Unicorn (regardless of Kahntract situations (do you see what I did there?)) in impromptu press conferences, in Woj articles, and on Twitter, I realize that we're both in the same boat. We're both a little upset at the moment. We both want Ricky back on the court right now. No more "maybe Wednesday against the Nuggets" comments. Now! Right now!

Our minds are not in the right places. We're apt to say and do some things that we don't necessarily mean. Look at Pek tonight. He killed a guy named Robin. Tore his heart out and ate it in front of him. Yes, he does this on occasion, but not with such ferocity. Love, Pek, and the entire Timberwolves fan base just want a little more Unicorn and a little less Bieber in our lives at the moment.

#2 Dante Cunningham (@DlamarC33) - I put in work today !!!!


-Dante!!! Going Ham all over his driveway! This is amazing. He doesn't sit inside and complain (although he tweeted "I'm cold" immediately before this). He gets outside and does work. Serious work. With his trusty sidekick watching over him.

How is he not a comic book hero yet? Can we get something started that tells of the exploits of Ham and his dog as they fight crime and non-hustling individuals in the Twin Cities area? Please, someone make this happen.

#1 Ricky Rubio (@rickyrubio9) Let it snow let it snow let it snow. Welcome to "Minnesnowta" Fc85be9a423f11e2990322000a9f192c_7_medium

-I didn't think anyone could beat Dante this week. He was looking strong. Until this. Greatness in Tweet. Greaterness in Instagram. I don't know is this is truly Ricky's cat or if he pulled it from the internet somewhere to support his "Minnesnowta" hypothesis. I really want him to own a cat. One that he throws out into the snow for photo opportunities. But, even if this isn't his, to have the desire to post this picture along with that tweet makes me feel giddy, and rainbows, and glitter, and gingerbread cookies. Thank you Unicorn. For that, you win the illustrious Tweet of the Week!!!

Catnip, cash prizes, and a trophy are on their way. Now get back on the court.

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