An interesting trade whisper

that I heard last night at the Twolves game talking to some people knowledgeable about the NBA (not necessarily anyone associated with the Twolves)

Lakers send Pau Gasol and a late lottery / mid 1st round 2013 or 2014 pick (it should be pointed out that the Lakers do not currently own such a pick and would need to get one) for Kevin Love and Brandon Roy.

My first reaction was no way in hell would you trade age 24 for age 32. But after thinking about it this morning, I can see why such a trade might be at least considered by at least some folks in each organization.

1 - I am personally convinced that Love will opt out and leave in a couple years. Just seems to be a grudge / hurt feelings / ego thing (along the lines of Marbury years ago) that just does not want to go away. Pau, on the other hand, seems like a pretty upstanding guy who at least has maintained a sense of decorum in all trade rumors / Kobe tirades. Plus, I think Pau will sign his next contract for far less than his current one IF he is in a good situation. Do you consider this in making a trade today? I think I would give it at least some consideration.

2 - As a post player, I believe Pau can maintain his effectiveness, a la Tim Duncan, for another 5-7 years making the time line a little better to handle from a Twolves perspective. I think the tendonitis issue is, in part, due to Pau being forced out on the floor and away from the post. His mobility this summer in the Olympics was excellent. I see no reason why he would not regain/maintain it if used in a more traditional way.

3 - Was really disappointed in the way the ball moved in Love's first 4 or 5 games back. Yea, I know, a small sample size. With our recent additions, it seems like our team is much more designed for a free flowing offense, rather than something in a set. I think don't think that fits Love style. Pau is an outstanding passer who, paired with Rubio, would make that type of free flowing offense sing.

4 - I would like the way the roster balances. It giving us more inside presence and frees up time for Williams (+16 last night) to develop. Right now, Williams has almost zero trade value - in no small part to his lack of use leading people to think he might be dumped. I think he has some excellent potential - that never gets realized playing in Love's shadow.

From the Lakers perspective, Love handles the stretch 4 that they desperately need on offense even though I believe Love would make the Laker's defense even worse (based on the Laker's general lack of defensive quickness) But based on the lack of offers, I can see why the Lakers would at least float this possibility. They really need to move Pau.

Roy does not really have a place with the Twolves anymore. Shevd has been so much better than expected (he was originally considered a 2-3 year project), that it is going to be hard to sit him based - especially based on Roy's mobility. Roy is going to be the odd players out. (By the way, I don't see Roy helping the Lakers either - would not even be surprised if they were to cut him if such a trade would ever happens)

Well, what say the Hoopus community? Would you even consider it?

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