On JJ and AK -- and Radar and Boogeyman

It was amazing to see JJ sink those high-arcing three pointers vs OKC. It's like he's so short, he's got to put some really high arc on the shots to get over the defender -- but they go in, and it looks like they drop from the heavens. Which leads, perhaps, to a new nickname for JJ, as explained below.

The announcers have trouble with Barrea's name for some reason, calling him 'Barrera'. Well, if they are gonna screw up his name anyway, how about we make up a new name for JJ:


It's like he has radar on those parabolic shots, they go way way up... then find their way down through the middle of the net. So I propose calling those kind of shots:

"Hoop Seeking Missiles!"

Wouldn't it be cool someday to hear an announcer say:

"JJ Ba-RADAR launches another hoop-seeking missile and it finds its target!"

And the stadium announcer says: "J J BA-RaaaayDARRRRR!!!"

OK, ok, not everyone has to agree. I think it would be hilarious.

Which brings us to AK-47, an unfortunate nickname in light of recent events. So how about a new one?

Took a kid to a movie yesterday, called "Rise of the Guardians". A Christmas movie, it was about Santa and other guardians of our kids (Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman) losing relevance. They were in a terrible cataclysmic fight with an anti-guardian, the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman's schtick was to strike fear into kids, because that is how he gains power, by causing kids to not believe in Santa, Easter Bunny et al. Boogeyman even has a posse of wild black horses (Nightmares [groan]) that he uses to do this. In fact, the Boogeyman was pretty cool, he could be everywhere at once and strike fear into even heros like Santa, leaping about to frustrate everything the guardians were trying to do. He even cracked all the Easter eggs that bunny laid out -- before the kids even got up that morning.

But here's the really cool part: With a voice done by Jude Law, the cartoon character looked like Andrei Kirilenko. They ripped off AK's deepset eyes, broad forehead, narrow jaw, sunken cheeks. Even had hair like AK's. The fact that Jude Law has an English accent rather than Russian hardly seems worth quibbling about.

AK's defensive play is a lot like the Boogeyman character's unearthly powers, jumping about, everywhere at once, long arms, anticipation of what the opponent will do. So there it is, a new nick for AK, should you choose to adopt it:


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