Remembering where we've been

I don't know why (or how) I was looking at this, but I found this old post about winning % and age and I got to wondering - where are these teams now?

So I updated the chart and overlayed it onto the old one. Take a look:



How you read it is that teams on the right are good, left is bad. Old teams are up high, young teams down low.

So the worst development you could have over the past 2-3 years is to go from lower right to the upper left (young and winning to old and losing).

The arrows are color coded - red = losing more, blue = winning more.

Here's the original graphic with the nice meaning bars on it:



Some random observations:

- Washington and Toronto have faired the worst. They are losing more, and in Toronto's case have gotten older while losing more.

- Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix, and Charlotte are all losing more, but all three have gotten at least 1.5 years younger. Clearly this is evidence of a rebuilding program.

- Sacto is still young, but better than they were.

- I made mistakes with the arrows for both Milwaukee and Houston. They should be blue and pointing the other way. Both teams are winning more now, and Houston is a big winner because they've gotten significantly younger while winning more.

- Indiana is in the same boat as Milwaukee - about the same age or younger, winning more.

- Philly and Minny are somewhat similar - both have gotten slightly older while winning more games (in our case, significantly more).

- Golden State and Memphis are young and killing it.

- and finally, both Brooklyn and the Clippers went the expensive veteran route and are winning a lot more, but their average ages jumped up significantly, from just under 25 years old to now averaging over 28 years old.

Lastly, a fun observation - Cleveland now is where what we were like 2-3 years ago.


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