So your going to trade Kevin Love...

a few weeks ago Kevin Love mentioned that he was happy with his team and loved the Minnesota area and fan base but commented the he didn't like the Timberwolves' front office making decisions that belied their dedication to building a winning team (who would like parsons and mirotic, but hey, they saved some money, so look for that banner next time you're in target center)and refusing to contractually obligate their 2nd best player in franchise history to stay for five years. For his insolence in voicing his personal frustration with what is widely considered to be the best front office in profesional sports many are suggesting he should be traded. Lets talk trade options! (keep in mind Love finished 4th in pts. 2nd in rbs. 6th in mvp votes last year and is the only human in history to be pissed about not being forced to spend more time in Minnesota)

Lebron James- Absolutely! Lebron is the best player in basketball and is probably the best all around player ever. I would trade my mother for Lebron. I wouldn't even feel bad about it because she is not very good at basketball and will probably end up in florida anyways. Problems. James will be a free agent next year with zero chance of re-signing in Minnesota, also this will never happen, so there's that.

Kevin Durant- Kevin is the best jump shooter in basketball but I don't think this trade is as fantastic as it would look. The thunder and Kevin fair better when Westbrook shoots more than Durant. He wont get to be the second shooting option on the wolves which would lower his current ridiculous efficiency. Also Kevin scored just two points fewer per game then durrant but did much better on the boards. the Thunder have played Durant at the 4 at times but he is not a 4. When he defended love he got manhandled. I don't think Durant could muster the level of Cousins ownage that love has reached, which is one notch below putting a tiny saddle on Cousins and riding him like a Yoshi. Also I doubt the thunder is looking to shake things up.

Melo- Is finally playing like everyone always hoped he would but Melo's game is based a lot on want to. He finally seems to care. I don't think we would get MVP candidate Melo, we would get 'why the &*%# am I in Minnesota' Melo. Love's 'want to' seems much higher.

Chandler- I like chandler's game a lot but he doesn't score a lot of points or get a bunch of rebounds. Trading your primary scorer and rebounder for someone who does neither doesn't seem like a great idea. I like his D but I'm not convinced Tyson+ whoever you could get for pek is better than love+pek.

Z bo/P. Gasol- Both Good. I like gasol more, both are on different sides of their prime than love. Gasol's contract runs out before Love's. Don't like it.

Igudala- Great on ball D. Offensively seems to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. I really like Iggy, I'm not sold he could carry a team.

Cousins- suspension aside, Cousins seems to do the same things love does but worse. At least he costs less. I don't love this trade.

Howard- Howard dragged the magic to the finals and is the best center in the league. He was great as 'the man' in Orlando on a team that was stocked with 3pt. shooters which is pretty much the anti wolves. I don't see it working out in minni as well as it did in Orlando. Also he is a free agent this summer.

Harden- If we had to trade love for somebody i would feel best about this. Harden is the best young sg in the league. KLove is the best young power forward I think this would at least be fair in a knight for bishop sort of way. I'm not sure about team fit.

Blake Griffin- Love is better but Griffin will get you on sports center. I'd rather have love and I don't think the clippers would give up their highlight reel.

Pieces!- No. This whole team is pieces. Stop it.

Personally I would vote for keeping Love and I don't really see what the kerfuffle was about. The organization has made some dumb moves and kahn does kind of seem like a jerk (prove me wrong ch nation, regale me with your My-brother-met-Kahn-at-a-bar-and-he-was-super-cool stories. I dare you). Those are my thoughts what do you all think? Who would you want for Love?

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