Pick-up Ball!

One of my favorite things is to play pick up basketball. When I went to Concordia Saint Paul every day at noon a group of old guys and students would play ball. The older guys had all played upper college and some had played overseas. It was great because there were always plenty of screens and solid basketball overall. The group of guys was a bunch of characters too!

High school Philmore could jump out of the gym, but noonball Philmore weight a lot more and was more "earthbound." He was never shy to guarantee a victory in the next game or deny that he had fouled. Once he exclaimed during one summer afternoon, "You calling that foul on me?!? Man, I ain't fouled since February!"

Laron would always try to brag about his sexcapades. He was at least in his 50's, but one day Philmore informed told him, "My son saw you at the club last night telling girls your were 30." When he made a shot he would say "Bangkok" (his favorite overseas destination).

Denny played proball in Portugal. Now he's bald, but he claimed that when he played he had a huge red fro, wore a red white and blue headband, and of course shot it every time he touched the ball. He even claims to have marched with the Portuguese communists!

Hanover is a magician by trade and was super hairy. He spent way to much time doing strange stretches on the sidelines and always seemed to be wearing a sweater even when his team went skins. He also constantly claimed that he could beat WNBA players one on one.

William had a lot of success as a coach and was a solid guy. He wasn't as quirky as some of the other old guys, but he always helped me with my game and any questions I had about coaching.

There was also this guy who goes by Voodoo Magic that played as well. I think you all know enough about him.

Noonball is easily the thing I miss most about college. Do you have any good pickup ball stories?

Who do you model your game after? I'm basically a homeless man's Kevin Love. Not a great defender, some post moves, and I spend way too much time camped out at the 3 point line.

Watch this video
and think about which guy you are (or have encountered). I am Player-Coach. I constantly tell the players on my team to get in the right position and even yelled at a 12 year old when he wasn't playing our zone correctly.

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