Tweets of the Week!!!

It's time once again for everyone's favorite CH segment: Tweets of the Week!!!

Yes, it's been a bit since the last installment. I apologize. Not only were the T-Wolves Tweets somewhat under their normally lofty standards over the last two weeks, but there was also a home invasion by the girlfriends parents last weekend.

Obligatory excuse out of the way. As always, I am the judge, jury, and executioner of the Tweets of the Week. They are presented in a ranking that I deem appropriate, with the winner receiving fame, glory, and my undying affection. Here are your Tweets of the Week!

#3 Chase Budinger (@CBudinger) - New t.v in the bedroom! Had to upgrade, bigger is better

-Yes, Chase, I agree. Provided that they are HD, 1080p, 120 Hz, 17 input, Dolby stereo, and whatever other measurables that Josh from the local Best Buy throws at you. Yes, it's confusing. Yes, I left Best Buy with a headache. No, I didn't buy the tv and continue to squint at my computer screen to watch basketball. But, yes, in general, the bigger the tv the better. Especially when you have a bum knee and a cold Minnesota winter in your future.

No, this isn't a great tweet, but it has to be included to get to number #2.

#2 Greg Stiemsma (@gregstiemsma) - @CBudinger 70' bro!

-Ahh Stiemer. I'm glad to have you. Really, I am. You provide some amount of shot-blocking ability, your horrendous mid-range shot will occasionally drop, and you are one of the few representatives of the glorious University of Wisconsin in the league. Because of this, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and say that this was an honest typo. Surely you meant 70" right? Right? Unless you truly have a Cowboy Stadium sized television in your house. If that's the case, invite me over sometime. How about we watch the Rose Bowl together? I'll bring hot wings and beer. And I'll ignore the "bro" that you threw in your tweet. I promise.

#1 Dante Cunningham (@DlamarC33) - Yo is this theres no more Twilight movies?

-Dante!!! I've been waiting. Hoping that there was a Tweet of the Week in you. Your twitter feed is very similar to your game. You're working hard, doing the little things, letting me know how Call of Duty is going or what song in poppin', but there hasn't been that massive throw down dunk or block into the stands...Until now.

Of course you're a huge Twilight fan. I know this because of the Tweets immediately before and after the one listed above:

@DlamarC33 - Twilight Again

@DlamarC33 - Yo is this theres no more Twilight movies?

@DlamarC33 - I don't think I like this

I feel for you Dante. I'm sorry that you're going through this tough period on your own. If you want, you could meet Stiemer and I at his house to hang out. We're going to have wings.

Screw it. I was Team Edward. I'm officially switching to Team Dante. Especially because he posts pictures like this:


Congrats!!! Your first Tweet of the Week win. I'm hoping that there are more to come. Cash prizes and trophy are in the mail.

Keep em coming Wolves! Both wins and tweets and rubios.

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