Not 'yet another spaniard'...

...because i'm from Bilbao, and people from Bilbao are too special for that.

First, i have to say i'm not the kind of person who become fan of a team the same day his favorite player sings whith them. I've been reading here and even posted a few annoying comment, but just because i've done the same following every spanish player that has arrived to the NBA since Pau Gasol. I love to watch them play and success in a league that was like a billion galaxies away when i was young in Jordan's era. You can't imagine how people of my age and older who love the game feel about those players. In 1984 olimpics we treated as heroes the players that lost by 30 to an american college team (and a high school MJ), now i bet for Spain in London 2012.

Said that, i cannot feel like a pure, authentic, timberwolf fan. I have my own bball and soccer teams here to support and i think i'll never feel the same for your team. I like how they play, i keep awake till 4:30 am to watch those 4th quarters runs in an awful quality illegal* stream and i root for them evere night, but i don't feel comfortable saying 'we' when talking about the team. I first came here because i just wanted to hear other opinions than those of the spanish ultrabiased stupid media.

But i trully can say that i am a fan of Canis Hoopus. I like Tim's no-look previews, SNP behind-the-back comments and all the other members' three point fanshots and alley oop fanposts. The thousand comments game threads feel like Love's 15 rebounds, and those post game report are like Pekovik dunking over Lebron while poking his left eye. I like even the trolling three second violation comments. This is arguably the best NBA forum i've visit, full of smart and funny people and basquetball IQ. You are all rec'd.

The thing i like less is the fact that there are too many spaniards here lately. I'd hate to come here to read another ****ing argument between Madrid and Barcelona soccer fans.

Some random thoughts:

-I guess Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo are the same annoying stupid overrated superathletic person. Has anybody seen both in the same place at the same time?

-To the FBI: the "illegal stream" part was a joke.

-To Cynical Jason: You can only be annoying to me due to lack of sarcasm. If i 'm annoying to you, well, it's just me.

-Or better, blame the tiny people that live within my head.

-I'm learnig some english here too, thank you for that, specially to MAYN..HO...whatever.

-I'd love to write a game report card one day, but my english and my knowlede of the game are too low, plus i cannot commit myself to stand awake any specific night. I could do it in spanish without watching the game. Or even better, in basque. I barely know it but you'd never notice it.

-I don't believe in god, but i believe in Unicorns.

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