Notes on the Night

1. Had a fun ride up on the light rail. The drunk guy who kept trying to engage me in conversation in his Tom Waits voice (Rain Dogs era) was annoying. "We're going downtown. Is it early morning or early night? Alex Rodriguez is going to be the next Home Run King!" Then he got off the train and I saw him standing on the platform and felt sorry for him.

2. Had a few beers at Kieran's. Just me. By myself. But, hey! The bartenders bought me beers, so all is good.

3. At the game I sat next to a complete stranger who was also a complete smartass, so we Statler and Waldorfed the whole game. Fun times.

4. Met kevinharlan in the mens' room. I was washing my hands and he was putting on makeup. I wouldn't have recognized him if not for the interview he did a couple weeks ago. Chatted with him for a few moments after the game as well. Cool guy.

5. Pek didn't miss anything during warmups. He also didn't shoot anything outside of seven feet (like he does in games!). The guys shooting threes and long twos could have built the Great Wall of China with all of their warmup bricks.

6. I screamed myself hoarse in the first quarter (PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!), but I didn't need much voice after that. I spent a lot of time groaning and slapping my forehead.

7. Wes is terrible. It's incomprehensible that he continues to start. One of the Timberwolves Dancers would be a better option at the 2.

8. The guy next to me agreed that Wes needs a hyphenated last name. He needs to be introduced before every game as Wes Johnson-Sucks.

9. The officials were Wes Johnson awful. Somehow Pek puts up 14 shots, all at the rim, and he never gets fouled? Haywood should have fouled out of the game in the first half.

10. I know the box score doesn't reflect it, but it felt like Dirk and Jet couldn't miss. Every time the Wolves made a run, one of those two would put a stop to it with a wide open jumper.

11. During halftime (?) they did this silly game called "Where in the World is Nikola Pekovic?" They did their best to make him look foolish, but HE'S STILL AWESOME!

12. 28 turnovers. There's nothing left to say. With even an average number of turnovers the good guys had a chance, even though they couldn't hit Kim Kardashian with a photo-op.

13. One day I'll go to a game and the Wolves will win.

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