Knicks/wolves report card mayn

Mayn dis game made me so angry i cat even describe it mayn i had ta juss go ta sleep before i short circuited mayn less git right to it afta de jump

KLove: A

Mayn KLove went HAM in dat bitch and wuz really our main source uv offense. Took a few too many long 2s but ayn he drained dem. Also had de kind uc rebounding game we saw routinely lass year. De lost weight definitely hurt his O boards dis year but helped in so many otha ways. Dis guy iz amazing mayn.

Pek: A

Pek iz officially DAT dude rite now mayn. He haz arrived. My man wuz crushin suckaz dis game mayn, he de anti darko around de rim. Chandler looked weak trynna guard him. Dis guy got ox strength mayn. When i first saw him dis year de firstgame he wuz back i wuz like mayn he looks like he dont even know how ta play and now he iz straight ballin mayn mafuckaz trynna fine him fo bein so thowed and when he went at chandler i wuz like word mayn give dat fool de business shoutouts ta pek.

Wes "Flynn Lives" Johnson: F for fuck you wes johnson you trrrrible.

Ok. Iss finally time ta ask de question: Iz Wes johnson worse dis year den Jonny wuz last year? Nowun will ever be able to convince me deze arent de two worst players to eva set foot on an nba court. Diz is shocking and disturbing levels uv terrible play. Wes johnson you are literally de worst player in de league. David kahn i kno u readin dis. Trade dis dudes bum azz fo a stick uv juicy fruit mayn. I kno u rememba when i callezd u last spring an told u exactly wuz i thought uv jonny flynn. Well, iss bout ta go down de same way wit Wes. Im confident i could be blackout thowed an old dis guy scoreless. Wes mayn it hurts ta wtach u play. I actually almost broke mah 42 inch plasma watchin yo bitchass trynna dribble. Fuck you wes johnson.

Ricky rubio: B

My favorite player maybe ever mayn, ricky played well dis game, and i wuz h yoed az fuck when he did dat pass a pek between chandlers legs. Not much else ta say other than dis guy iz amazing and i wouldnt trade him fo anywun in de league.

Luke ridnour: C-

You wuz pretty awful dis game luke, when yo shot ot fallin u kinda suck. Less move on

B Easy: C-

Alot uv tough shots, some wne tin, most didnt. Still not feelin beas is year, my man needs ta get back on de kill i thank.

JJ Barea: B

Dis lil mafucka lovvvves ta jack up shot mayn but he cool i still fucks wit him.

D wWill: B

Dude needs ta stop ynna euro step in de worst way. Havent seen it work once. Stick ta grabbin boards and throwin down dE rock mayn.

Muskies Uniforms: D

Dont like deze fckin uniforms mayn. We play like shit in dem and dey kinda juss oring and muskies are whack any ways. I remain unconvinceD dat we shouldnt juss wear de black unis every fuckin game.

Refs: F

Whut de fuck wuz dat micky mouse shit out der??? Whut a bunch uv fuckin idiots mayn dat wuzzint no foul at de end uv de game. Juss terrible ref all around, callin shti dat neva happened makin up rules and juss fuckin up de integrity uv de game.

Linsanity: B-

At first i wuz like mayn hol up did dis dude shake hands wit Tebow or smething?? But as de game went on i wuz like mayn dis dude aint dat thowed, he nice but cmon refs handed him dis game on a silver platter.

My bag uv kush: A+

Playa uv de game mayn, i wuz stupid thowed !!

dat bout duz it yall. Iss been a crazy week fo me mayn i,a do anotha wun uv deze thangs soon and soend mo time on it but mayn dis game wuz frustrating mayn fuck doze refs mayn and mos uv all get wes johnson far far far away from dis team stay thowed yall smoke sumn

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