Great time (gasp) to be a wolves fan??


Been lurking for quite a while (actually since I took a beating from posting the What about Wes? fan post -- look how that turned out) but damn isn't this long overdue for the pre-Unicorn-more-skinny-@$$-KG timberwolf fans!

Love in the 3 point contest -- my homer in me wants to see a Larry Bird performance!!

Rubio is going to feast (why do I have the feeling that Lin will win the ROY and make me boycott the NYK.

An actual dunker in the Sprite/Kia (better not blow a good show/event) SlamJam or whatever it is called.

Speaking of Mr. Williams....I jumped off of the couch watching the reply of that dunk. For the record I want a few of the people that claimed the two foot jumper would basically be getting blocked all the time like a yester year Love-lite. Now I completely understand he will not have that oppetunity to rip the soul from helpless defenders all the time but the young man (no Wes jokes-- the pain is still new) has room to grow.

Rubio is going to have a blast -- I am taking a shot every time he completes an oop (I plan on waking up on Wednesday). Homer Alert one more time --- if I was Shaq I would choose a PG that passes (looking at you Westbrook) with the first pick rather than Mr. Quake-Griffin. I would bet my house that other players will watch to see what team that Rubio gets picked on and will start tweetling (did I use it about what team they are on (non-Rubes or Unicorn friendly).

Pek got robbed -- and played too late to be added to the Rookie/Sophomore game but has been brutal lately. I loved the move he did Tim (and Wes' face afterwards!!).....the twirling bear is a beast!

Hopefully I don't get thrown under the bus again....for the record (tighten up knot as I type) Wes is not as horrible as we are making it seem. Yes, he lost confidence in his pretty stroke but losing out on D.Jordan is higher on my list than picking Wes over pout-about someone touched my Cousin. Wes is playing D and I would love to see him get another year here. Maybe I am wrong but that is my opinion....stats may tell a different story but I believe a basketball mind that watches him would at least partially agree with me. Wes is a great player to play with Rubes....long, leaper that can run out ahead of the D and still (ahem) shoot a trying jumper.

Please comment on how the roses smell (non Wes part) over my homerness (Hi Mr. Johnson, sure it WILL start falling eventually....never mind just try to excite our bench and try to dunk on someone)

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