Houston: We Have a Problem

Check out the three articles from the Houston rag about how the Timberwolves dominated them and absolutely crushed their spirit. More than a few fans were very upset, calling for McHale's head, saying he's not HC material, doesn't know what he's doing, blah, blah, blah. Been there, done that. He's your problem now, Houston.

Some highlights......

Other than Dirk Nowitzki, who has the freshest championship ring to make his case for him, Love is the best power forward in the game.

On Friday, he left an impression on the Rockets far greater than when he stomped his Nike into Luis Scola’s face.....

...They took a step in that direction with Love kicking sand in the Rockets face, leaving as much of an impression as when he stomped on one.

“They just rolled us down,” McHale said. “We didn’t have contact with them. I mean, look, they just beat us up. The bottom line is Pekovic had nine offensive rebounds. They just kicked our tail.

No power forward scores more. No power forward boards more. With a fury under the basket and a soft touch from out to the 3-point arc, he has become a match up nightmare.

After scoring 66 points in the second half in their previous game in Toyota Center, the most scored against the Rockets in a second half this season, the Wolves put up 61 in the first half on Friday, also the most the Rockets have allowed. The Rockets were so entirely manhandled inside, they had a season low 26 rebounds with just seven in the second half.

“They were just too much for us tonight.”

Can we finally put an end to the Darko era? Seeing how Love's game has reached new heights playing next to an actual center, a first for KLove, and with Adelman calling for Pek to be included in the all star festivities next weekend, I don't think there's any way Darko gets his starting job back. Is he still even injured or sick? Or is he just a DNPCD?

I was so proud of the team last night, especially after reading what the Houston paper had to say. This team is starting to jell, in part because Adelman is making some of the moves we fans have been calling for all year. Start Ricky. Limit Darko! Limit Beasley. Play Pek. We're still waiting for him to dump Wes, but that may be too much to ask. A lot of players didn't even sniff the hardwood last night. No Ellington. No Tolliver. No Randolph. No Darko! And with Barea gone, you had 3 guys playing 40+ minutes, and Rubio at 39.

Adelman seems to have completed his evaluations, giving every player a chance to show what he can do. Now, it's about winning. And I am somewhat confident that Adelman will do whatever he can to bring as many victories as possible, making Clipphorgeddon more palatable. I love this season so far, except for the turnovers and losses. ResPEKt!

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