What do you value in an NBA baller?

I've got a little time to kill at work and CH is slow with bball news today as we now head into a week off of meaningful basketball (we should be so fortunate as three months ago it looked like there wouldn't be a season) I would like to get a feel what individuals value in basketball players the most.

In probably the last week or so I've had a few seperate conversations with people where we get into what we "value" in basketball players, for instance one I believe was Madison Dan or Eric in Madison and they were talking about how he values "efficient scoring" in players he likes. I don't know if that is what he "most" values in a player but that got me thinking a little what I value the most. And then a seperate conversation about defense I had ealier this week also got me thinking.

I often find myself in disputes over players to target (for the Wolves) with other posters and it almost always comes down to what we value for what the *we believe* the Wolves need.

What do you value generally and for this team? Is it low usage/high efficiencey, high usage/moderate efficiencey, moderate/moderate, shot creation, a little volume, a guy with swagger, smart player, athletic beast?

Generally speaking I would prefer my player to be athletic enough where it isn't a disadvantage, but he doesn't have to be JaVale McGee or Biyombo. Kevin Love is easily athletic enough because of the combination of skill and smarts.

I really like players that can be high usage if the need happens, but also understand what playing within the confinds of a team is. I from high school through college to pick up ball have always been a role player and I don't underestimate the need for good role players on a team, but from my experiences having that guy that can if the team needs be the 'high usage" guy that can play with a little "volume" as I do value "shot creation" as something that gives your team an advantage when playing basketball

When I think about needs for this team I do think we def need to not just brush aside the fact we could use a wing ball handler too that has the ability to be a little high usage when needed. Rubio does a lot of heavy lifting for this club and to lighten his load a little bit, whether it's from a shot creation stand point or ball handling standpoint, would go a long way to bettering his career. I think we also need another legitimate scoring option from the perimeter. We have two fantastic post scorers, but for as good as Rubio is, at least right now can't be counted on to consistently and effectively score perimeter points on a nightly basis.

I agree we have to find a shooter, but I think the perfect combo for this team would be to find one shooter and one wing/guard ball handler to pair with our studs. We often joke on CH about having an all white lineup, but in seriousness two players I think would be a good fit at a low price (by low price I just mean not Williams/Pek) are Budginger (for 3's) and Gordon Hayward (for ball handling/shot creation help). And obviously my preference for Eric Gordon has been well document to the point where I have stated I would rather have him than even Nic Batum.....but if you look at what I value Gordon represents a guy who has had to be a high usage scorer on bad teams for his career and done so with moderate efficencey. He is both a shooter and a slasher, yet has shown that he can sit back and let other players take the lead. I don't want this to get into why I want Gordon over Batum, but my last point on Batum is: yes he has scored with ridiculous efficiencey but compared to Gordon has been asked to play a much lower usage role on a team full of professionals. He still converts, but pairing either player with Rubio and I would be surprised if Gordon didn't end up with the better AS.

What do you value? How do you see this team and how does your thought process shape the way and direction you think the team should go?

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