How much improvement can we expect by standing pat?

Currently, we are a .500 team, and since it's being reported that we likely won't amnesty Darko, our activity on the free agent front will be affected. I'm curious what your overall thoughts are on how much improvement we can expect from our current roster without any significant additions

Kevin Love -- It's difficult to imagine him getting significantly better. He's currently awesome and expecting him to become even more productive is asking a bit much.

Ricky Rubio -- The Spanish Unicorn is all but a lock to improve, but how much is a question. If he develops a more consistent outside shot and can finish more effectively in the lane (he currently has a TS% of .494 and an eFG% of .418) he could make a gargantuan leap. However, he could be on a trajectory in which he only makes moderate improvements year to year instead of making a giant leap next season.

Nikola Pekovic -- How much better can he get? As a starter he's averaging 15.6 points and 9.9 rebounds. He's shooting .564 from the field, .792 from the line and he's only picking up 2.4 fouls a game. He could suddenly add a jumper to his game or start hitting shots from outside of eight feet, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Derrick Williams -- Tough call. He could very well improve, but there's really nothing but hope that suggests he'll be able to defend SFs effectively, and his game is UGLY. I'm confident that his outside shot will get better, but I'm less confident his play in the lane dramatically improves. He's not explosive in traffic and it seems like half the time he's just throwing the ball at the rim and hoping or running headlong into defenders if there's not a clear path to the basket. To be clear, I do think he'll get better, but I'm not sure if he'll much more than an above average player.

Luke Ridnour -- Is what he he is.

Wayne Ellington -- Is what he is.

Martell Webster -- After multiple back surgeries and thousands of minutes of experience, he is what he is.

J.J. Barea -- Probably is what he he is. He's a spark plug off the bench but he's ball dominant and turnover prone. Can possibly improve a bit by lowering TOs.

Darko Milicic -- Is what he he is -- unfortunately.

Anthony Tolliver -- Played well last year and has stunk this year. With glut of players at his position probably he'll probably remain buried on the bench.

Anthony Randolph -- Can't get playing time and likely never will.

Wes Johnson -- Could improve but unspeakably bad to speakably bad -- maybe.

Malcolm Lee -- Wildcard. He could be a second round steal or a waste of a roster space. Who knows?

Michael Beasley -- Probably gone to create cap space.

Brad Miller -- Maybe gone to create cap space or possibly end of the bench player.

So, unless we add a significant piece this offseason, I think we'll roughly be a little better than a .500 team (46-36 or somewhere close to that)

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