Trade (Min/Hou/Philly)

This trade works out numbers wise but because it involves Thad Young who can't be traded for another week trade machine won't let it go through yet

Minnesota: Evan Turner, Chase Budinger+take on Nocioni's 7 million dollar contract with 2 years left on it (I'd like to squeeze Budinger out of this deal too but not sure if that is realistic)

Phily: Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Wes Johnson, Micheal Beasley+ a pick from Minnesota (protected probs)

Houston: Elton Brand, Jodie Meeks and Thad Young


Minnesota: obviously they pay a small price to get a young starting-caliber 2 guard. I know Turner can't shoot but I wouldn't be too worried about that, he and Rubio would instantly be a top 3 BBIQ backcourt and we'd move to having 4 starting spots locked up.

Houston: Brand is currently outplaying Scola, but I'd say Scola is the better player (or at least....i trust him to turn his production around). My reasoning though is that Brand only has 2 years left in his deal, so this is more contract consolidation for Houston while not loosing a whole lot of productivity also they get Thad Young to help them build a core of Lowery, Young, Hill. So they consolodate some salary without "giving up" on this season and add two nice contributing young players in Meeks and Young

Philly: Really gets playoff serious, they turn a couple of their bench assets into two legit starters in Scola and Martin which really helps beef their 5 man starting 5 up without loosing a ton of bench production by not trading Lou Williams, or either of their centers. Also they give themselves a little salary breathing room by sending off Nocioni's contract and not having to worry about paying Turner next year. Philly has struggled mightly with their offense so adding Martin, Scola and maybe even Beasley off the bench (who is more included for salary reasons) will give them a little punch to add to their defensive intensity

as always the trades you want will probably never happen and I'm sure plenty of people will find a flaw with it, but I think it's at least an 80% solid trade.

And really when you think about "trade threads" it's almost more so "how to approach making a trade with what we have" than it is "this is the trade we have to do, or this is something I know for a fact will happen"

have at it

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