Wolves to facilitate Dwight Howard Trade in my dreams.

My thoughts on a way for the Timberwolves to improve their starting lineup.

Nets get: Dwight Howard, Wes Johnson in exhange for: Mehmet Okur, Anthony Morrow, MarShon Brooks, Brook Lopez, two first round picks (2012, 2014, assuming they haven't already traded one of those or the 2013 pick).

Reason why Nets do it: They get the big fish on the trade market in Dwight Howard. They lose two centers they didn't want, and give up two reasonably good shooting guards and a couple first round picks.

Magic get: Mehmet Okur, Martell Webster, Derrick Williams, Nets' two picks, Timberwolves pick in exchange for: Dwight Howard, JJ Redick.

Reason Magic do it: They get a promising young player in D-Will, a decent small forward in Webster, and three first round picks to help rebuild.

Blazers get: Anthony Morrow in exchange for Nicolas Batum

Reason Blazers do it: If I remember correctly, they didn't resign Batum to an extension recently. Perhaps they're not as keen on him. Morrow seems like a decent player who is under contract for an additional year at a reasonable price.

Timberwolves get: MarShon Brooks, JJ Redick, Nicolas Batum, Brook Lopez in exchange for Derrick Williams, Wes Johnson, Martell Webster, 2014 first round pick

Reason Wolves do it: Immediately fix weak spots at shooting guard (with both a starter and backup) and small forward (with a starter, and keep Beasley as sixth man). Also get potential starting-caliber center, though for an undetermined amount of time. As Pek might say, "If he leaves, he leaves." I think the Wolves do it without Lopez, but it seemed to be necessary to make the money work. Give up potential in Williams, give up moderate production in Webster, and shed Wes Johnson, along with losing a first round pick in two years that will hopefully be in the bottom 5 spots or so.

So I'm guessing this probably doesn't work out for one team or another, but it seems like it might be close to me. In terms of money, I tried to do it on ESPN's trade machine, but the "Try This Trade" button did not work, so I'm not certain it would, but it seemed approximately right. However, I don't think I follow the rest of the league to the extent a lot of people on here do. I just like to imagine trades for some reason. Anyway, going forward for the Wolves, I probably amnesty Darko, and try to trade Ridnour and Lopez. I don't think Lopez would stick around, and Pek is looking like a potential starter at C. Try to get rid of those two to shed salary and pick up future picks or something along those lines. Let me know what you think.

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