Not another Spaniard... hold up... wot?

I've seen a few introductory greeting posts lately popping up on canis, and I thought, after spending a few weeks lurking on game threads, typing in the odd comment, and joining in the general festivities here, that it was about time I presented myself to the community.

Contrary to what would make sense, I did not become a wolves fan because of Ricky Rubio (the unicorn, such a tasteful nickname), or Kevin Love, or Rick Adelman, or Kevin Garnett, or because i'm Spanish (i'm not), or because i have ties with Minneapolis (I don't). I first became acquainted with the nba game about three years ago, as a result of the video game NBA live 09. I know now that the live series holds no ground over 2k, but I was fresh off the basketball boat, and it became my first taste of the wonderful game. I've lived in New Zealand my whole life (haven't heard of it? I'm not surprised. A sneak peek at the bottom right hand corner of the world map and you'll see it. We're famous for being ridiculously good at rugby, and having lots of sheep. Oh, and Flight of the Conchords). Here in little old nz, we have minimal access to american sports. The only time it pops up on our sports news is when a superbowl is won, or the nba finals finish. The only nba names i knew belonged to kobe and lebron, and even then I couldn't name the teams they played for.


For someone who had grown up playing rugby 06 and cricket 07 on ps2 (if you've played these you'll know what i mean), the quality of NBA live 09 was like a breath of fresh air on my face. I quickly became enamored with it, acquainting myself with the best players in the game and jamming ps2 for hours on end. As with anyone who's played a sporting video game, I created a stylised version of myself, and promptly stacked all my ratings to the maximum. I had to pick a team. It was an important decision. And one that has changed my life for the better since. I chose the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Why the wolves you might ask? Why pick a team which at that time, had a rookie called Kevin Love rated 60 who wasn't even given his own picture. Why pick a team whose best player was Mike Miller? Well, quite honestly, I wanted a challenge so I picked what the game told me was the worst team in the league. And to my credit, I haven't let go since (For those who care, I dominated throughout that season, averaging 50 ppg and carrying the Wolves all the way to a title).

So that's how I got here, and it hasn't been the easiest path travelled. Two years of Rambis and the triangle offence left me feeling cheated. I was ridiculed by friends who rode the lakers, okc, and heat bandwagons and flogged them to death. There have been highlights. The 30-30 game stands out. I never saw the game, but I remember checking the wolves game on my phone, seeing the digits 31-31 next to Kevin Love and promptly needing to change my pants.

But finally, things are on the way up. We've hit .500, have a great coach, the best pf in the game, the unicorn, and a group of fellas who push the envelope to entertain us every night they play. Canis Hoopus is a great community and I hope all you good folks will welcome me with open arms. Before I go, a few final points.

- I made a bet with my mate who's a Laker's fan that the Wolves will win their first title before the Laker's win their next. Everyone thought I was retarded. But then again, everyone thought the same when I said Kevin Love was the best rebounder in the league 2 years ago. Suck on that, haters, I'll just ride my faith.

- With the exception of Steve Nash, I have never seen anyone as selfless on the court as our Ricky. A true team player.

- Pek is a monster. Every time he catches a unicorn pass I crack a huge grin, content with the knowledge that our starting center can finally catch a basketball.

- While our boy Kevin is in the naughty corner for the week, is Adelman gonna unleash the caged lion?

- Playoffs? Here's hoping.

Goodnight wolves fans, and i'll see all of you good people on the game thread tomorrow. Go wolves!

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