Monta Ellis for SG and PG (Combo Guard) How it would happen.

Hi everyone at Canis Hoopus.

Why we should get Monta Ellis?

I think we need not to panic and get the next available point for the team. A combo guard who is a scorer could solve two problems. 1. with Rubio´s season ending injury, we are suddenly thin at PG. J.J Barea has hit a slump of physical inconsistency: Bringing Monta Ellis could calm things down. We add a PG. 2. We were always going to need a scorer in the SG position. Monta Ellis scored 48 vs the Thunder and avarages 22ppg.

“” loosing Luke R.

"" Not loosing Luke R.

Why would this ever happen?
1. The Suns want to get something rather than nothing for an aging Steve Nash.
2. Nash wants to play in a contender because he has never won an NBA championship.
3. The Lakers need a PG, and who better than a great shooter and the best passer in the nba. NASH to LAL; besides the Lakers don´t have to trade Gasol and keep their size which is what makes them special in the first place.
4. here is where MIN and GSW get in.
LAL has nobody except gasol to trade. so they should get MIN and GSW into it.
4a. The Suns can get Beasley, a dynamic shooter, a guy who can get real, really, really hot (see 2nd game at Clippers) who can make his own shot, create mismatches on defense and who is young. He´s 23. Beasley to GSW
4b. Why would GSW trade Monta Ellis. Because they need a Big Man. Ellis and Curry still don´t gell and they have to consider rebuilding from Curry; and creating cap space with the Ellis trade could be a good option. They can even try and get a low position in the west to increment their chances of getting a good draft pick (Like Austin Rivers for ex). Ellis to MIN
4c. The suns have to rebuild and so they can get rid (after the trade of Nash) of the second highest paid player on the roster, that is Marcin Gortat who is a mobile C that the GSW could use. Gortat to GSW

in conclusion

Nash (PHX) to LA
Gortat (PHX) to GSW
Beasley (MIN) to GSW
Tolliver (MIN) to GSW
Monta Ellis (GSW) to MIN
M World Peace (LAL) to PHX
Steve Blake (LAL) to PHX
Rindour (MIN) to PHX /// or Lee to PHX (keep Luke) and trade Ellington to LAL.

As Cynical Jason mentioned, this has an obvoius con: Nobody wants to help the Lakers, but because the Lakers want to win Now, and not rebuild for the future with an againg Kobe: an aging Nash seems to be perfect to win that 6th ring. LAL: Bynum, Gasol, Kobe and Nash. (Gasol and Bynum would really benefit from the pick and roll with Nash). PHX has what GSW wants: a Center. GSW has waht MIN wants: a COMBO Guard.

We need something that can carry us into next season with confidence and the Ellis trade could be that.

On Ridnour.

The Suns will likely want the best posible PG. They are giving allot after all. I dont expect them to trade in for Malcom Lee, which is possible and as the trade machine shows, it is moneywise workable. But Ridnour would be sacrified. If the Wolves could pull it off trading for Lee, it would be too perfect. Having Ridnour, Ellis, Barea (healthy) and reagin Rubio for next season...oh man.

Im sure i missed something. But this is how i see things. Let me know if you like. Sorry about the spelling, i wrote this fast.

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