Mi Vida Es Mierda - Report Card 03/16/12(Min vs. LA

(Ed Note: Bumping to the front page and adding BR and Popcorn links.)

BR: Box score.

Popcorn: Game flow.

Over Two weeks ago, I was so excited to do this card. We were going to make the playoffs. We were on the upswing. We were breaking streaks. We were going to break one more. Instead we broke a ligament. Then we waited for one more break. It never came. Breaking news is what we waited for. Silence.

Silence is what I have tonight. I'm silent. I'm tired. I'm depressed(Not really in whole but my sports life is). Caution, do not read if you enjoy life or if you avoid melancholy.

Luke Ridnour- I like this guy. Honestly he is the player I envision myself being out on the court(Im not close). He dishes decently. He shoots good,(Just for you CJ, I know it is supposed to be well, but im too depressed to care) albeit streaky. It really isnt fair that he is supposed to take over for our broken horse. Yet, he has passed at a better rate than the Glue Factory Fodder(10.5 assists per game over last 4). The problem? The porous defense. Im not an expert but our rotations on the perimeter have been slower, and the penetration has been swifter. He shot decent and had good but not flashy entry passes.

Game- B

Wes Johnson- CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW SOMEONE WHO IS 5`10 AND HAS NEVER HAD A DUNK IN A GAME HAD MORE REBOUNDS THAN THIS MAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was so hopeful he would continue the trend but Im sick of 23 minutes and 1's and 2's in every column. Produce. Do something. I could grab more. He may be getting back on the fast break but you can still find a rebound every now and then. Oh, and don't tell me his defense is good, cause its average at best. Wes, I hope you figure it out, I do. On a human level I like you, but as a fan I cannot fake my disgust.

Game- F you Wes Johnson(compliments Maynholup)

Martell Webster - He had a really good game. He shot decent. My favorite stat in all of basketball is points per shot. Sadly Webster led us tonight with a decent 1.3pps. He does a decent but not good job on Kobe(who would have had 12 less points if we could rotate on open 3's).

Game- B

Kevin Love- I cant ever hate Kevin but sometimes I hate his shot selection(this usually only continues for 2 minutes until he amazes me again). He had 15 boards. He had points. He took too many shots and wasn't feeling the 3 pointer. Oh, and he had 5 fouls.

Game- C+

Nikola Pekovic- Held Bynum to 4-13. You cannot blame him for Bynum's 8 FT's because he only had 2 fouls. He shot better than Bynum. He rebounded closely to him. I'd say he won the battle. Pek is my player of the game.

Game- B+

Bench... all together...

JJ pissed me off and amazed me. He drives way too much and doesnt create as well as "I" think he should. Derrick was the only one who I liked tonight. Why didn't he play the 3? You telling me he couldn't D up Ron Artest? Take away the left hand and you just won. I think he should have had 35 minutes. Wayne had two sweet plays, was absent everywhere else. Tolliver is close to playing himself out of the league, he needs to hit shots. There is no explanation. Not playing time. Not rhythm. If you make millions to play ball you need to be ready and in form. We lost the game with the bench. 19 points to 31.

Game- D.

Overall- We just cant deal with two skilled men when Kobe is feeding them(Neither can most teams). Kobe hit some threes and they all felt like daggers. Ramon Sessions is glad Rambis isnt a Laker anymore. Where is Lee? I know Adelman knows much more than me but I cannot fathom how we can defensively play the PG's we do sometimes(I know I'm over reacting).

Well lets all hope in hope. Its all we can do. Love yall. Peace.

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