Makes and Misses: Wolves at GSW Report Card

Well, they won. In a game that featured an interminable halftime, a Warriors team that looked like it was in full tank mode in the first half, and way too much Chris Mullin, the Wolves hung on to beat the Warriors Monday night, 97-93.

After seeing the Warriors get all the way back from a 14 point halftime deficit to take a lead, the Wolves finished the game behind Kevin Love, and at least temporarily stopped the bleeding after Sunday's fiasco in Sacramento.

A couple of game notes before the grades after the jump:

Makes and misses. That was the difference between the halves last night. In the first half, the Warriors couldn't hit anything, and therefore looked awful. In the second half, their shots (more or less the same shots) went in, and they looked a lot better. Many nights, it isn't about hustle, or effort, or brilliance, or anything else other than sometimes they go in, and sometimes they don't.

Ridnour and Barea: I've been harping a bit lately on the fact that there is immense pressure on Ridnour (or Barea) because they play with no other ball handlers. Tonight, Adelman played them together for most of the 4th quarter. It worked, I guess, in that they went on the decisive run with both of them in there.

Kevin Love: A. Love had a classic Love game tonight, 36 and 17 on 23 FGA. Scored 12 in the 4th, including several huge plays late. A follow tip in traffic and the dagger jumper to put it away in the final minute stick out. Carried the team on a night when nobody else had more than 11. Spent most of the night as the "center" with Pekovic barely playing and the Warriors playing small. Also went 44 minutes on 4th game in 5 nights.

Luke Ridnour: B+. Fairly quiet offensively, (11 points on 7 shots), Ridnour did his job. 10 assists, 3 TOs, it was the kind of night he often provides. It's a positive contribution.

Martell Webster: C. A forgettable 25 minutes from Webster. Was the recipient of a stupid foul by Golden State on a 3 pointer, and made all 3 FTs. That was his positive contribution on the offensive end. 25 minutes, 2 shots, 2 rebounds, and 4 fouls is just not enough, which is why he gets a C. On the other hand, I thought he did a fairly good job of running guys off the 3 point line in the first half.

Wes Johnson: C+. A more or less standard Wes Johnson performance, made a little better by the fact that 2 of his 3 point shots went in. Other than that, 20 minutes of not much, It's impressive how little their wing players actually do.

Nikola Pekovic: Not going to even give him a grade. Obviously hurting, tried to gut it out, but could only go 10 minutes.

Derrick Williams: B-. Pretty poor game offensively for Williams. Missed some shots he should have made, got stripped and manhandled in the paint a few times. 4 TOs and 2-9 from the floor. On the other hand, played 36 minutes and found ways to contribute. 11 defensive boards, 3 blocks, (a couple of them memorable). Didn't seem to let his struggles scoring effect his entire game.

JJ Barea: C-. 10 assists, yes, but also 3-10 from the field, and a lot of ugly looking basketball. He is so desperate to make plays that he gets into trouble way too often. Flings up terrible shots or tries to make impossible passes. His 3 point shot is also off, which doesn't help. Played down the stretch with Ridnour for ball handling, but it was not a strong game for Barea.

Anthony Tolliver: A- AT finally does something positive! Been a while for him. Looked as bad as ever in his very short first half stint, and I don't know that he would have even played in the 2nd half had Beasley not hurt his toe, but he finally found his shot and finished with 10 and 5 rebounds on 4-5 shooting. Seeing 2 Tolliver 3s go in almost made me wonder if I was hallucinating. Must feel good for him.

Wayne Ellington: C. 13 minutes. Nothing notable. If he isn't taking (and making) shots, he really has no purpose. 1 shot attempt. Non-factor tonight.

Michael Beasley: B. Had his scoring run in the first half, with 8 points in 10 minutes. Usual Beasley. Re-injured his toe, apparently, and did not appear in the 2nd half.

Brutal end to this 7 game trip coming up: San Antonio Wednesday and Oklahoma City on Friday. At least last night was a little bit of a respite.

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