Cautions about Crawford?

There's a lot of talk right now about the Wolves acquiring Jamal Crawford. At first I thought it might be a good move, but between giving it some more thought and some other recent developments, I'm no longer sure.

Jamal Crawford definitely looks more like a shooting guard than Luke Ridnour, but is he any better? I'll let a stat-digger tell me otherwise, but I don't see Crawford as an adequate defender. he doesn't handle the ball nearly as well as Luke, and he doesn't really shoot any better, other than maybe spot-shooting. Yes, he's better than Wayne. Right now, simply adding Crawford would mean less time for Ridnour, Barea, and, importantly, Wes, as Martell wouldn't have to play the two.

But the following rubbed me the wrong way ever so slightly when I read it:

Keep an eye on Crawford in the coming 11 days before the trade deadline: He said before tonight's game that he came "really close" to signing with the Wolves in December. "I really thought they were a team on the rise," Crawford said. "Their young guys have gotten better, obviously with Rubio coming in. I'm a big fan of Coach of Adelman. He's really laid back. He's an old-school coach. He's got some great, great, great stuff offensively.

It was the "really laid back" part that bothered me. My concern grew when it was followed by this tidbit:

UPDATE: Columnist John Canzano of the Oregonian is now describing this situation as one where McMillan could be gone due to some players on the Blazers not caring.

From Canzano: "And be sure, in the end, it's going to be (McMillan's) head on the platter, served up by a faction of selfish and disgruntled Blazers players who don't give a rip."

It's easy to dismiss these two as not being connected, but often where's there's smoke, there''s fire. McMillan is tough on his players and demands a lot of them. Crawford is a fan of Adelman because, for one, he's a laid back coach. Now, I don't mind him preferring Adelman, but if he's one of the "disgruntled" that's a pinkish-reddish flag.

So while it may seem I'm jumping to conclusions, there are only 15 guys on their team, a "faction" of which are opined to be selfish and disgruntled, and it appears one Blazer maybe (?) wants out--this I don't have a specific reference for, but what I'm "hearing" is that Crawford would like to play for the Wolves. I'm putting a lot of disjointed parts together, but is it possible Crawford isn't the hardest working player and possible he'd not be good for team chemistry? I've never thought of him as being much above "soft," and I'd hate for the Wolves to bring him on for the next two years if he's just along for the ride...especially if he costs a reasonably valuable asset.

If Gerald Wallace is disgruntled, I don't mind so much. He works his ass off. Cause for concern, or am I smoking something?

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