Is Love a better scorer than prime KG?

Hopefully this doesn't ruffle any feathers.

Disclaimer: I am not comparing their complete player profiles. I am not asking if Love is the better offensive player, either. Only scoring.

Simple question--Do you believe that Love, as he is now, is a better scorer than prime Garnett? Note that I did not say offensive player--Garnett was a far better distributor and a much more versatile player. I am only referring to their scoring abilities.

Over the last couple of games, and the season as a whole, I've started to debate with myself about whether Love might have eclipsed prime Garnett in the area of scoring.

If my memory serves correctly, comparing them...

KG had a better post game. KG's midrange jumper was deadly. KG was more explosive and athletic, which made him better at driving to the hoop. His go-to fadeaway jumper seemed to always be effective.

Love has the better long ball. He draws contact more often. He has a nice little post game. He is getting his midrage game down, now. I guess he has fewer "go to moves" and they are a little less polished, but hell he gets things done. Also, and this is just going by my intuition, it seems that Love has a lot more plays run for him than Garnett had during his run.

Peaking over at BBRef, Love's TS% right now is comparable to Garnett's TS% for every season except 05-06 when he put up 58.9%. Love is currently at 57.1% for the season. Their USG% are comparable for most seasons, except for KG's MVP season when me topped out at near 30%. Love is currently at 27.8%.

I also believe that KG was more consistent. Kevin Love goes off much more often than I remember Garnett doing while he played here. KG would usually be pretty consistent, and hit around his average more often than not. This season, Love has been going into shooting slumps, following them with strings of huge games.

What do you think? My memory of Garnett's prime is a little cloudy so I'll be interested to see your responses.

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