You Really Can't Ask for More: Report Card for Wolves vs. Pistons

The Wolves beat the Pistons tonight. How strange is that? Strange

But Charlie Villanueva aside, it was still a strange game.

The grades as I see them:

JJ Barea A-

Five of twelve isn't great shooting, but 13 points and 12 assists is a pretty awesome line for a point guard. Well done, JJ.

Wesley Johnson F

Hit two shots, got two rebounds, and committed two fouls. Wes had the Noah's Ark of Invisible. I didn't see any of that.

Nikola Pekovic A

He did whatever he wanted to start the game. The only time he wasn't scoring was when nobody was passing him the ball, and for much of that time he was on the bench. His defense was more than solid as well. Missed half his free throws, though.

Anthony Randolph A-

Shot 50% and collected 10 rebounds. That's a solid game for Sad Dog. My notes include this: "AR dunk! Cool, Aslkeduzean, saugh." I think that's what it says.

Martell Webster B-

To start the game, my notes include "Webster can't convert fast break," and "Martell with terrible D on Prince." He had 3 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists, yet had the best +/- of any Wolf. Weird.

Anthony Tolliver F

Are you there, Tolly? WTF? This is ridiculous. Three rebounds and two assists against three turnovers and two personal fouls? Derp.

Wayne Ellington A

Six points, three rebounds, a steal and a block! In 25 minutes! This guy qualifies for as an all star for the Timberwolves!

Michael Beasley B

Thirteen points on ten shots! Yay! Missed half his free throws! Boo.

Malcolm Lee B-

Statistically, didn't do much. Made a shot, got a rebound, got a steal, committed a foul. That's it. More importantly? Didn't embarass himself.

Derrick Williams B+

I have a lot of notes about the Dolphin ("Flipper" is a great nickname, BTW), like "Dolphin gets fouled, makes one of two" and "Dolphin draws a foul, hits 2FTs!" 11 points on 6 shots? That's pretty good.

Rick Adelman A

He'd been able to pull all kinds of effort out of a pack of scrubs (plus an NBA player or two). Rick is the man.

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