Warriors @ Wolves Report Card 4/22

The effort put forth from the Wolves in the second half tonight was beyond pathetic. 33 second half points with a field goal percentage so low that you thought you were watching a rec league game. The Warriors needed to lose this game to keep their draft pick, yet the puppies still couldn't beat them. If you are going to tank, at least make sure you lose the game. If the Warriors really wanted to lose, they would have given Mark Madsen a 10 day contract. The grades are below the jump in no particular order. Viewer discretion is advised.

José Juan Barea- D- C

JJ is an incredibly frustrating player to watch. He can be so good and scrappy at times, but he more often leaves you with a disgusting feeling in your mouth. He is much better suited playing off the bench in limited minutes as he did before Rubio went down, because his "Hero Complex" is so large. He forces passes that should never be forced, shoots 30 footers for no good reason, and for some reason loves to put up fadeaway 15 footers, a shot I have never seen him make. The only reason I didn't give him an F an even worse grade is because his girlfriend (aka Miss Universe) sits 2 rows behind me and I am often too distracted to watch him play. You can't even tell she just had a baby. In defense of JJ, he did have to do a whole lot for the team tonight and was somewhat effective throughout the first 3 quarters or so.

Nikola Pekovic- A

It would be an absolute shame if Nikola doesn't get named Most Improved Player. Nikola dominated the Warriors big men tandem of David Lee and Andris Biedrins Mickell Gladness and Jeremy Tyler. His 19 points and career-high 16 rebounds on 7-13 shooting was nearly enough to pull the Wolves to victory. The Godfather's 3 point play with just over a minute left gave the Wolves the lead, before a Brandon Rush 3 would put the Warriors on top for good.

Anthony Randolph- C



If he only had a brain, he would be the shot-blocking big man the Wolves desperately need.

Martell Webster

First Half: A In the first half, Martell played outstanding. His smooth shot reminded Wolves' fans why we traded for him in the first place.

Second Half: D The second half was the Martell that makes you shake your head. The missed open threes and silly mistakes that have become what we expect from Martell were as painful as ever, and his hairdo maybe even worse.

Derrick Williams: D-

Played an ineffective 11 minutes grabbing just 1 rebound and shooting just 1-5 from the floor. He needs to stop settling for off-balance shots and instead find away to assert himself down low. Otherwise, he might as well be a caged lion.



Wayne Ellington: D-

As said before by others, he is a player who can't shoot, yet his supposed strength is shooting.

Anthony Tolliver: D

Still hasn't been able to get out of his year-long funk, and tonight was no exception.

Michael Beasley: F

A team worst -15 plus/minus on 3-11 shooting had me wondering whether he was still recovering from Friday's holiday.



Wes(ley) Johnson: D-

The disappearing act was in full force tonight, but his smile was as annoying as ever. The smirk on his face on the bench after fouling Dominic McGuire in the final minute, leading to a 3 point play, made me want to go all Ron Artest/Metta World Peace on him.

Hopefully, this loss will lead too changes in both the front office and on the court, because this was absolutely disgraceful. Goodnight.

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