Voodoo Offseason

In my never ending quest to bring a level of class, realism, accountability, and excellence to Canis Hoopus I have been trying to figure out my version of "the Plan" for this off-season. As a counter to my normal way of proposing trades and what not I am trying to make this as legitimate as possible. Trying to keep the block busterishness at bay.

Let's do a recap of what we have to work with:

Kevin Love, Nikola Pekovic and Ricky Rubio are three excellent basketball players. Wolves are in as good of a position as any team to build around this core.

JJ Barea and Luke Ridnour are two excellent back up point guards. I am of the belief one of these two will probably be moved, my money would be on Ridnour as his trade value is likely to be higher than what can be reasonably expected for next years production (as he had a career year and is on a cheap contract).

I don't believe Derek Williams or Wes Johnson will be moved. It can be argued both should. I'm 50/50 on Williams. I do believe he can play SF and have actually been less worried about his defense as a 3 than his offense right now (don't want to make this about Williams but the short of it is his length, strength and quickness appear to be a bigger advantage against smaller players)......however I acknowledge that he is our most trade-able asset and Rick Adleman appears to really dislike or distrust playing him.

After that I would personally not keep a single player on this roster. AT is a nice glue guy, Randolph and Beasley have some clear talent but they are two of the most frustrating players ever.....and I absolutely despise watching Martell Webster

For starters:

Accept Brad Miller's retirement. Amnesty Darko

Let's get to the deals!

Deal 1:

Clippers: Ellington, 2nd round draft pick

Wolves: Eric Bledsoe, Travis Leslie

I really want to make this deal just to get Leslie. He has a microscopic contract and has produced in both limited minutes and was a guy I really liked coming out of college. I wouldn't expect too much from him but if sleepers really exist I would bet heavily that Leslie is exactly that kinda guy. I would also like to pick Bledsoe up in this deal. He isn't a great PG but he has some skills to build on and would give us a 3rd pg for the pending Ridnour trade. AST% DRB% STL% BLK% are all interesting numbers. not an efficient shooter and turns the ball over too much though.

Deal 2:

Blazers: Luke Ridnour, Lee (maybe Memphis pick...)

Wolves: Luke Babbit and Elliot Williams

Maybe not the deal everyone wants for Luke but just take a look at the small sample size production we'd be getting in return.

These are two remarkably efficient basketball scorers. One thing that is insane about Elliot Williams is that in his small sample size he carries a 26% USG rate while only a 5% TOV% insane. Babbit is a crazy efficient shooter and has a DRB% of 18....again two good players that could maybe even start for us all season next year. Some might argue we need a vet for Ridnour....but I say look for the vet in FA. This is a trade that could absolutely happen because of Luke being a point guard and POR folk hero and the Blazer's needing pg's and there not being any overly great options in the draft and FA


I really really covet Omer Asik. Is he within the realm of possibility? He might be out of the Wolves price range so I will put him in the wish list pile to hopefully continue this well-thought-out reality off-season....and I will counter Asik with this guy:

Hamed Haddadi:

He might not be as rangey as Asik but he is an excellent defensive player and can give you the defensive force off the bench I fear we will need with the Love/Pek duo. I also don't expect he will cost an arm and a leg either. The 4 million we amnesty Darko with I think should be enough to cover the cost of a guy with a 10% BLK%

Tracy McGrady

this off-season plan is littered with young players (productive, sure) and it would behoove the Wolves to pick up a vet. Adleman has history with McGrady and I think he has now morphed into an even more Adleman kinda ball player Great passer and three point shooter I think would look excellent playing alongside Rubio and Love and give us a vet to help our younger players


There are two players I would like us to wind up with "within the realm of probability" international player Evan Fournier and Jae Crowder. Crowder has been covered pretty well by SnP but here is the DX profile on Fournier from what I can gather he seems like a guy with a lot of skill and ability that could really be a sleeper in this draft. Fournier is mocked to go in the late 20's, Crowder in the second round. My plan would be to pick up Fournier with the Utah pick and move Webster for either a late first or early 2nd and get Crowder

with these moves we'd have a lineup of

PG: Rubio/Barea/Bledsoe

SG: Elliot Williams/Leslie/Fournier (Wes)

SF: McGrady/Babbit/Crowder/Williams

PF: Love/Williams/Crowder

C: Pekavic/Haddadi/Love

Not sexy. I understand. But if I have some of my projections right we could really be unstoppable if a few of these players continue to even relatively produce with extended minutes. Also gives us some felxability: if Williams indeed puts the work in to be a SF we haven't handcuffed ourselves to a big money SF. If a good trade for say Iggy comes up with Williams we will have some young players to build around etc.

What the thoughts?

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