ESPN NBA End of the Year Picks

R.O.Y. (30 total votes)

Kyrie Irving - 29

Ricky Rubio - 1

Can't disagree too much with this one because Irving is a far superior scorer and that's what a lot of people base their votes on. I'm happy that someone appreciates Ricky's true impact as you can see how much worse the team was (especially defensively) when he went down.

M.I.P. (30 votes)

Ryan Anderson - 9

Andrew Bynum - 5

Nikola Pekovic - 4

Jeremy Lin - 4

Ersan Ilyasova - 2

I have more problems with this one (yes a little Wolves bias), Anderson improved basically every statistic and led the NBA in 3 pointers made so props to him. However, I can't get over the inclusion of Andrew Bynum. Andrew Bynum should not even be in consideration and the three players below him all deserve it more. Bynum improved his scoring by 7.5 points but that is more of a testament to how underwhelming he was last year. Lin is probably the popular pick but personally I believe it should be between Pek and Ilyasova

Sixth Man

James Harden - 30

No disagreement here, Harden is an incredible player who would start on every other team. You realize how important Harden was when Metta World Peace decided to give him a nice elbow to the head and the Thunder then proceeded to blow their lead and lose to the Lakers.

Coach of the Year

Greg Popovich - 15

Tom Thibodeau - 10

Lionel Hollins - 3

Frank Vogel - 2

It is amazing how Pop has managed to get the Spurs the number one seed. After watching our Wolves dismantle the Spurs when we played them I thought that it was the beginning of the end of the Spurs' dynasty. It is especially impressive considering how Manu Ginobli has been injured for practically the entire year. Big props to Pop and the Spurs.

Defensive Player of the Year

Tyson Chandler - 12

LeBron James - 9

Dwight Howard - 2

Chandler has been a imposing force in the middle which has been valuable to the Knicks considering the lack of defense from players like Carmelo. However, I still believe LeBron James deserves this award. LeBron is one of the most unique players to ever playing the game especially considering the fact that he literally can guard every position and that has immense value in the NBA.


LeBron James - 28

Kevin Durant - 2

Completely agree with this choice. LeBron can do everything and despite the fact that people consider him a 'choker' I think it's very obvious he is the best player in the NBA. Durant is a much better outside shooter but LeBron is phenomenal when it comes to finishing at the rim. A lot of people hate on LeBron but I fully expect him and the Heat to make it back to the Finals and win this time.

What are your guys' thoughts?

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