Needle and the damage done

APR 4, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Martell Webster (5) sums up the Wolves' wing play during the David Kahn era. The Warriors defeat the Wolves 97-94. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE


That's the record since Ricky went down (including the Laker game). .250 ball with, essentially, last year's team + the best individual monthly performance in team history + Derrick Williams. Somewhere in LA, Kurt Rambis is smiling.

Last night vs. the Warriors, the Wolves officially packed it in for the season. With no real point guard, no real wings, zero help off the bench, and with the 5 best active players playing at the 4 or 5, Our Beloved Puppies are once again singing a familiar tune. Even Kevin Love appears to have punched his 2012 time card following a monster March. There's nothing to play for. There's hardly anyone to play with.

Picks, gone. Cap space, never really there. The era of the KG rebuild is over and the damage is done.

There's no point in summarizing what happened last night. It was an atrocious game where a team that has been actively tanking beat a team whose ticket reps were still whispering sweet nothings about post-season potential.

This is the third year of the David Kahn era. He has done nothing to improve this squad beyond making 2 picks that 29 other GMs would have made. Everything else has been a disaster. 2 of his 4 high lotto picks have actually made the team worse for long stretches of action. He only appears to scout players that have passed through Portland or the Pacers. Long and athletic > actual production. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

No mas.

This off-season is the last chance to surround the Rubio-Love-Pek core with decent talent that will have enough time to gel before the ETO bomb goes off. The massive amounts of post-KG resources have been completely cashed in and the POBO has shown nothing in the way of being able to maneuver the team to the next level with whatever remains in the bank account.

There needs to be a fierce urgency over at 600 First Avenue this off-season (it should have started with last year's draft or, at the very latest, when Pek became Pek). This is their last best hope before the post-Love rebuild. Injuries or no injuries, they are headed at full speed towards a date with consequences. They need to start acting like it.

Until later.

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