My London Olympics Roster

So I was looking through the finalists roster, and quite frankly I was appalled by some of the roster choices. Here's the link for it , and here is my USA roster below:

Point Guard:

Rajon Rondo: This is my biggest problem with the roster. Did Jerry Colangelo not watch the playoffs this year? This guy makes playoff history every year, especially after his 44 point outing against Miami in the conference finals. I would have to bump off Russell Westbrook (or move him to SG) to make room for him, but that's only because Deron Williams did so well in Euroleague that his number got retired after just 10 games.

Deron Williams: As stated above, he destroyed the Euroleague.

Shooting Guard:

Kobe Bryant: Unless Bryant decides to opt out of the Olympics (something nobody would expect), this spot is his to lose. Having a pass first point guard in Rondo would open up a lot of opportunities for Kobe as well.

James Harden: Lots of choices here, but it's also clear that this is Harden's time. He is playing well in the playoffs and is coming off his best season in his young career highlighted by his 6th man of the year award and potential (knock on wood) first NBA title.

Small Forward:

LeBron James: On a team with such versatile scorers, LeBron can shift his focus to defensive dominance and making plays for others. The most talented player on the planet is a lock for this spot.

Kevin Durant: The league's best scorer and shooter. Period.

Power Forward:

The Blake Love Show: This team could very easily be built around the likes of Kevin Love and Blake Griffin. In case people have been living under a rock, Blake is the most explosive forward (even more than LBJ) in the league. His tenacity along with Kevin Love's rebounding and ability to stretch the floor will wreak havoc on the competition.


Tyson Chandler: I'm still perplexed on how the defensive player of the year doesn't make the all-defensive first team, but that won't get in the way as the 7 foot 1 Chandler will maintain a secure interior. He did make the Knicks look like a real defensive team for a reason.

Andrew Bynum: His size alone merits a spot on the team. His improved defense and rebounding this year demonstrate are products of his work ethic. This is in spite of the mental lapses too. Coach K would make sure he doesn't attempt a 3 at any point in time.

11th and 12th men:

Andre Iguodala: If you look up the meaning of versatility in the dictionary, you will find a picture of this man. Slightly overpaid by the 76ers, but always manages to go under the radar since he isn't a flashy scorer.

Anthony Davis: Within the first 5 years of his career, there is no doubt Davis will grow into a superstar. The only reason I have him here is to 1) play defense and 2) he has the chance to learn from the best in the world. He will win defensive player of the year by the end of his third year. Count on it.

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