Fix the Wolves 2012

Once again, it is that time of the year. The draft is less than two weeks out, the free agent signing period opens in less than a month, and everyone has an idea for fixing our moribund franchise. Here is your opportunity to make your plan official.

Submit your offseason plan to the world wide web. One or two years from now you can go back and say, "See Kahn, this is how much better the Wolves would look with me in charge", or other posters can go back and say "After what you proposed in the summer of 2012, I don't think there is any reason to take your opinion seriously." We all have ideas, so let's make them public.

Continue below if you are interested in unleashing your inner VoodooMagic...

Here is what we have to work with:


Blue - Team Option; Green - Player Option;

Grey - Unguaranteed; Mauve - Early Termination

Red - Qualifying Offer;


1. Abide by standard salary cap rules. This means that you may not exceed the cap unless the move qualifies for an exception (see here for specific information about the current MLE). The actual 2012/13 cap is not set, but we will assume $60 million since it is a nice round number and probably close to the real value.

2. Glen Taylor is not going to pay luxury tax, so roster moves may not eclipse the tax cap under any circumstances (assumed to be $70 million in this case).

3. Trades must be minimally controversial. If you don't think you could get at least 50% of the other teams' fans to approve the trade, it isn't an acceptable trade. In addition, trades need to successfully pass through the trade machine.

4. Free agent signings must also be minimally controversial. Try to model and defend your contracts using recent signings of players at the same position, stage, and national recognition. Here is a list of last season's transactions to help find a good model to work with. When unsure, overpay.

5. The current Draft Express 2012 mock draft is assumed to be perfectly accurate. When using a draft pick, you can only select players that DX thinks will be available at a given spot.

6. Abide by the Ted Stepien Rule: You cannot leave the team without a first-round draft pick in two consecutive seasons.

7. Assume all first-round draft picks sign for 120% of the value listed for their rookie-scale salary (this is standard practice unless you are the Grizzlies). For example, the # 18 pick in the draft is listed at:

$1,237,500; $1,293,200; $1,348,900; $2,074,608; QO: $2,639,797

but he will actually cost:

$1,485,000; $1,551,840; $1,618,680; $2,489,530, QO: $3,167,757

8. Don't trade Pek...

Ok... I guess you can, but you really shouldn't.


Base roster with salaries to work from

2012/13 NBA free agents

NBA veteran minimum by experience

Current salaries for NBA players

DX mock draft

Rookie scale salaries for 2012/13

Trade machine

Here is the 2012 offseason calendar:

June 28th: NBA draft

June 29th: Last day to exercise team options

June 30th: Last day to extend a qualifying offer to a potential restricted free agent

July 11th: This is when you get to amnesty Darko!

July 11th: Begin signing free agents, may also resign, trade, and sign-and-trade players at this time

October 29th: Last day of offseason. Roster size reduced to 15-player max, last day for sign-and- trades.

List your roster moves in chronological order consistent with the order of activity in the offseason and then list the resulting roster and cap commitment for 2012/13 and beyond.

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