Here is where I am confused

Not trying to be a troll or cause trouble....This is a Pek talker....not nessecarily posing any specific Pek trade, but I do want to discuss what has become a running point of arguging that often goes nowhere.

You have been warned...I did not want to put this in a thread, I would like to not dominate a thread with the conversation as it has been a dominating point of conversation in the past....hopefully we can find some closure on the subject (?)


I like Pek. I think Pek is a very good basketball player. I think we can probably win at a high level with Love and Pek together....possibly some issues we might run into but when I look at the NBA landscape I see that OKC could defensively cause us problems by not having a shot blocker but on the flipside I will take Pek vs Perk and Love vs Ibaka anyday of the week....those are automatic points (Ibaka is a nice player when he can guard the basket.....but Love on the perimeter will keep him far far away from there) so even with teams that could burn us....I don't think it'll be that big of a deal.

Where I get a little hung up is how Derek Williams plays into all (I just suckered all of you into this.....just kidding....kinda).

I also like Derek Williams. I think he has a lot of potential to be a very good basketball player....I even still think if he can get down to about 230 (which because of his body fat index is actually fairly plausible) he could totally play the 3.....However I have come to yield a few points on the subject. A) In general I think if you could get a good player that can help us win now for him I would be receptive to that on most levels (please to god not Kevin Martin though) B) Even though I believe he could turn into a SF.....if it happens this season he will likely still have to use most of this season to adjust to it and all that crap.....he's not a perfect player yet is what i'm getting at (it's late and I'm not the best writer when my mind is alert) and will take some time.

One thing I was told often last season when it pertained to trading Derek Williams is something to the effect of "Williams seems like a nice player *but there isn't enough time to play him the minutes he needs to develop*"

If Derek Williams were a legit wing with some promise but some holes in his game I would bet we wouldn't be looking to ship him out......People on CH, while being down on him, seem to be more down on the fact that he is a PF more than his game (however this isn't entirely true and also has some merit to it)

So we have to trade Williams because he is both our most tradeable asset and also not a wing.....I've been told it's imperitive we trade him this off-season.....

--------now we get too how I try to tie this entire, long, rambling dissertation together (i said try....remember, if you've read this far you can always turn have no one to blame but yourself).

Pau Gasol for Derek Williams (sometimes also including Ridnour and 18) has been a popular trade that has been thrown out by the media and CH community for the past year, even when it was Gasol for #2 last year....I think part of the reason this trade gets so much air time on CH is the likelihood that it is a trade we A) know about and B) might actually have some legitimate legs (as opposed to the mainy crappy or otherwise trades I have thrown out there over the long winter months)

Pau Gasol for Derek Williams also happens to be a pretty huge value. Coming from a guy who really likes Williams....the chance Williams will ever be as good as 32 year old Pau is minimal and the chances he will be that good as a SF might be even less. I would sign off on this trade.....however the danger is we have gained no ground on getting wings.


So here we are. The best deal we have to work with gets us a roster of

Pau/Love/Wes/Lee(?)/Rubio with a bench of Pek/Barea

I'm not seeing the playoffs here.

Common argument is that there will be time in a 3 man rotation for all three of Pau/Pek and Love....but again there apparently was *not enough time to develop Williams* so that is why we are looking to trade him for a wing....but apparently there is enough time to play 3 post players...non of which are great rim protecters or overly athetic (not that being long and athletic is everything...but in a 3 man rotation I think it isn't too much to ask that 1 of those guys shares that rim protecter ability)....I guess I'm confused.

So I guess I've used 800 words to get nowhere.....probably get some shit for that but that's okay, used too it.

It makes no sense too me to keep Pek in this scenario......even if an Aaron Afflalo is a loss in talent for talent it not better for us to get our best players on the court at the same time?

People do realize that even if Pek/Pau/Love/Rubio is close in talent to Durant/Westbrook/Harden/Ibaka that the Thunder will at all times have a 1 man advantage in talent in....cause it's not Pau/Pek/Love/Rubio its Pau or Pek/Love/Rubio vs Durant/Westbrook/Harden/Ibaka

if I'm thinking too far ahead of myself cause "I shouldn't be worried about beating the Thunder" fine, but against the Nuggets, Jazz, Mavericks's not Pau/Pek/Love/Rubio vs their best's their best lineup vs 3 of our 4 best players and 2 players that aren't in our top 4

I am apparentlty the one with the ridiculous take in this debate yet I am the one suggesting trying to field a lineup that results in your 4 best players being able to share the court.

Help me out. Or maybe no one has read this far.....I did use 1000 words to vent on a topic that really on matters if we can pull off a pretty decent trade in Williams for Pau

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