I'm getting Antsy

I just want the finals to be over, draft happen, free agency to progress, and see how the Wolves will look next season.

After the Fix the wolves fan post I want to post my response. I feel it is a very optimistic, but also realistic plan

1. Amnesty Darko

Although everyone is saying this I doubt it will happen. No one likes paying someone for nothing. And that's the situation both ways... the T-Wolves would rather get a little value out of him. But I would Amnesty him.

2. Trade Pek for Harden

However, the point was brought to me that Pek and Harden are due Pay Day at the same time so OKC doesn't relieve much in the trade. So I have come back with a new proposition. Pek and Dwill to Charlotte for #2 and Bismack Biyombo and 31 then flip the #2 for Harden. This will allow OKC to avoid the cap situation, and either draft Beal to replace Harden, Draft Robinson to add some interior scoring, or MKG to solidify the D.

3. Move up to Select Meyers Leonard

Here I use the 18th and a pick next year. I would rather trade the Memphis pick, however It's the Hornets choice. Leonard is a solid presence on both ends and would be worth the pick.

4. Flip Wes for White

Here I trade Wesley Johnson (Hated in Minnesota) to Atlanta, to select Royce White. However, I'd trade him to any team to select White. White wants to play here, and surely has the talent. Would be a good fit too.

5. Draft Jae Crowder at 31

Crowder is loved here at Canis. No Need ti Explain

6. Draft Denmon

Catch, Shoot, Score. That's what he can do, and will be asked to do here. Good player. Would truly be shocked if he feel this far.

7. Sign Gerald Wallace.

Now with Harden, a need of an outside shooting presence is solved. Wallace isn't a terrible 3 point shooter, however it's not is strong suit. He can Attack the basket and work the post. Great player. I think he'll sign in the 30million/3 year range (Yes I changed it) considering he turned down 9.1 in Brooklyn (still weird to say)

8. Sign Alexey Shved

Intriguing prospect. I think he'll sign for 9 million/3 year. If someone really wanted him, they would have already payed his 10 million point. He's an interesting prospect and would be a good rotational player here. He's worth a try.

9. Resign Anthony Tolliver

I think most of us like him. He plays well here. I signed him for 5 million over 2 years.

This leaves our rotation looking like






Bold = Starter

Underline = Trade/Free Agent

Italics = Rookie

It leaves a good 7 million or so to reward contracts, and in case Darko is not amnestied.

What do you guys have to say? Is this realistic? Perfect? Don't Trade Pek? Too Young? Lemme hear it

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