Around the League: New Orleans Hornets

2011-2012 Review

Record: 21-45
Pace: 88.3 (30th of 30)
Ortg: 100.9 (28th of 30)
Drtg: 105.1 (15th of 30)

Team Stats:

The Trade That Never Was For "Basketball Reasons":

Player 2011-2012 WS/48:

Odom 0.014: He didn't last with the Mavs. Would he have played even a minute for the Hornets?
Martin 0.125: Nice player, but Gordon is better and younger.
Scola 0.080: Nice player on the wrong side of 30.
Dragic 0.139: Would have been a nice pick up.
#14 or #16 pick: Not thrilled with the choices here

The Trade That Was For "Basketball Reasons":

Gordon 0.115: Young and if healthy he is a fine player.
Aminu 0.044: Whatever
Kaman 0.024: Cap space!
#10 pick: Tyler Zeller please.

Record w/ Gordon: 6-3 0.667
Record w/o Gordon: 15-42 0.263


Win% in 2011-2012: 0.606
Win% in 2010-2011: 0.390
For more about the Clips: Around the League: LAC

I think New Orleans ended up with the better deal. Although, the best deal would have been a Chris Paul extension. But if they had done that they likely wouldn't be marketing unibrows now.

The Case for David Stern as Executive of the Year

They failed to trade Kaman at the deadline, but they will now have more cap space to sign Eric Gordon and another above average player. Eric, stay healthy.

Ownership Change: David Stern to Bounty Benson:

Everyone should be happy that the NBA is no longer the owner of the Hornets. Props to Tom Benson, for wanting to change the team name. Tom, please strongly consider my previously hinted suggestion. The New Orleans Bayou would become my second favorite team.

2012 NBA Draft:

Picks: #1 and #10

Anthony Davis and Tyler Zeller should be the selections at 1 and 10, respectively. Damian Lillard or Kendall Marshall could be the choice at 10, but I would go with Zeller.

2012-2013 Roster Thoughts:

Free agent target: George Hill

If they can't get him (which is likely), Jack and Vasquez are not the worst PGs in the league.

Resign Gordon, even with his injury concerns.
Kaman is unlikely to resign.
Resign Bellinelli, he looks like a good backup SG.
If they can resign Landry to a cheaper deal than go for it.

Okafor/Ariza could be dangled to try upgrade the PG and SF positions. If they can't unload these two players, the 2012-2013 roster might look like this.

PG: Hill/Jack/Vasquez
SG: Gordon/Bellinelli/Dyson
SF: Aminu/Ariza/Henry
PF: Davis/Landry/Ayon
C: Okafor/Zeller/Smith

Under contract for 2012-13 (Total $ in millions)

Emeka Okafor: 13.5
Trevor Ariza: 7.3
Jarrett Jack: 5.6
Eric Gordon: 5.1 (Qualifying Offer)
Al-Farouq Aminu: 2.9
Jason Smith: 2.5
Xavier Henry: 2.3
Gustavo Ayon: 1.5
Greivis Vasquez: 1.2

So about 36.8 million in returning salary for the upcoming season, will go higher after they resign Gordon.

With Monty Williams as coach, the future looks good for the Bayou!

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