The Day After-Random Thoughts & Ramblings

Whoa Nelly!! Let the Budinger-mania come to a grinding pause. A significant move was made yesterday; a competent wing was signed to the pups and the great CH group-think has determined this to be a positive. Huzzah!

Now; what shall we do about our pressing 2-guard need? A much needed backup big? How in the hell do we get back into the draft? Must get back into draft...

So, yeah, just starting a new thread with some thoughts (some of which may have originated from other posters comments, I'm not stealing them for my own, only reiterating plausible ideas or wishful thinking.)

First and foremost; we need a legit starting SG. While a Jamal Crawford signing seems inevitable I think we're all hoping for a different answer..

Brandon Roy you say? Only if you're ready for him to play 20 minutes a game/perhaps only come off the bench. He isn't the answer. If signed cheap I'd be ok with Roy, but you shouldn't expect too much.

Alexy Shved? I like giving this kid a shot, but he's unproven in the league (of course.) You never know how a Euro player will adapt to the NBA style.

As far as FA's or possible trades go, who would be of interest and/or attainable? JJ Reddick, Wesley Matthews or Elliot Williams, JR Smith? On the higher end; Nic Batum, Eric Gordon or dare I say...The Beard?? I'll leave the money side of things to vjl110 or anyone else as I'm at work and doin this in haste. Just hoping to get a conversation started...

JR Smith. What would ppl think of signing him? He'd give us much needed tenacity and scoring and...headaches? his sister fighting in the stands..?

And as far as trading back into the draft:

Does Wes Johnson get us one of Bostons picks?? Or am I dreaming and he'd only maybe net us Cleveland 2nd rounder? Would you do it? I'm guessing most of us would. Is this selling too low, or have we yet to see Les Johnson's basement? : / (Les Johnson's basement...not a bad band name)

and lastly is it worth it to trade D-Will at this point? I know we all desire a balanced roster and better depth. Is it smart to move last years #2 for this years, say 11 and Elliot Williams? or Dudley and 13? I'd say yeah, providing we could grab one of Leonard, Henson, or Zeller. I'm sure there are a few (yeah, not too many, I'm guessing) that would strongly advise against this...will D-Will prove us wrong this year?? Will he be traded tomorrow night??!

Ok, just getting the ball rolling...

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