If there's going to be a "signature move".......

Long-time lurker here are canishoopus; first time poster. With the draft just 3 weeks away and all indications pointing to the T-Wolves at least considering a big move, I wanted to toss out some thoughts on the type of trade we might see. This is not meant to be a wishlist per se, but rather a summary of trade proposals involving significant players from other teams who might be available based on rumors around the league. I haven't run any of these through the trade machine, but each seem to fit the basic structure of trades that could work if (a) the other team is willing to trade the player, (b) Kahn likes the player enough, and (c) the other team is interested in what we have to offer (salary cap relief, Derrick Williams, etc.)

In other words, if Kahn's "signature move" is to come to pass, what might it be?

1. Andrew Bynum to the T-Wolves for Pekovic, Derrick Williams and the non-guaranteed contracts of Brad Miller and Martell Webster.

I highly doubt the Lakers decide to trade Bynum unless it nets them Dwight Howard, but if they decide to keep Pau and trade Bynum (I'm assuming they have to make a move with one of them) then this makes a lot of sense for them. It severely reduces their salary commitments, replaces Bynum at center and gets them a potential future impact player in Derrick Williams. For the T-Wolves, it would suck to lose Pek, but might be worth it. Wolves would need to get assurances that Bynum would re-sign after this year to do it.

2. Pau Gasol to the T-Wolves for Derrick Williams, Wesley Johnson, and the Miller/Webster non-guaranteed contracts (maybe Ellington also if needed for salary purposes).

Not a great fit for the T-Wolves with Love and Pek already in place and it would kill their cap flexibility for the next 2 years, but it would make a splash. The frontline of Pau-Love with Pek coming off the bench would be crazy. Would be interesting also as the rest of the league seems to be going more small ball. But again, T-Wolves would likely have little cap room for more than serviceable wings.

3. Andre Iguodala to the T-Wolves for Derrick Williams, Wesley Johnson and one of the non-guaranteed contracts. (Maybe the 18th pick also - I'm really not sure how high the price is on Iggy after their playoff run.)

This trade makes a lot of sense for both sides if Philly's goal is to dump salary rather than get an immediate impact player. As discussed an length on this site, Iggy is exactly what the T-Wolves need.

4. Rudy Gay to the T-Wolves for either (a) Derrick Williams, Darko (negative contract dump) and one of the Miller/Webster non-guaranteed contracts or (b) Wesley Johnson, 18th pick and both non-guaranteed contracts.

Given Gay's contract I really don't think the Grizzlies can get much for him. Would not recommend it, but given Kahn's previous interest in Gay I can see it.

(Note- I know the T-Wolves can amnesty Darko and that would be a better use of resources, but are we sure Taylor will go for that? As much as we fans would like to see Darko amnestied there is value to the team's bottom line in dumping his contract.)

5. Tyreke Evans to the T-Wolves for Derrick Williams straight up.

This sort of makes sense for everyone since it sounds like the Kings are tired of Evans. I don't love Tyreke, but I don't love Williams either and at least Tyreke fits a need (and would seem to fit the offense particularly well as a playmaking 2 guard). He's due for a contract after this year, though, so if you trade for Tyreke you have to feel confident you're going to want to pay him. I'm not confidant.

6. Kevin Martin and #16 pick to T-Wolves for Derrick Williams and Miller's non-guaranteed contract.

This might not qualify as a "signature move" but if Houston's plan is to re-sign Courtney Lee then this makes a lot of sense for them. My sense, though, is that Houston wants impact players rather than salary relief so obtaining K-Mart probably makes more sense as part of a 3 team deal where Houston gets Pau, T-Wolves get K-Mart and stuff and Lakers get Derrick Williams and stuff.

Given that Derrick Williams is prominantly involved in each of these trades his value is key. For reference, my sense is he is valued at about the level of the #8-#10 pick in this draft. For what it's worth, the only trade on here I would support without reservation is the Iggy trade. I could see the reasoning behind the others, though, and would probably talk myself into them if they happened.

Thoughts? Any other big names out there we think are available? Am I over-valuing or under-valuing anyone?

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