My T-Wolves Plan

I think it is obvious we need to make some moves this off season. So, I am here to provide my strategy/approach to solve the wolves needs.

1st Trade Derrick Williams for Tyreke Evans.

Many of you have seen this post earlier. The kings don't want to extend Evans, leaving him up as trade bait. We have Derrick Williams, who doesn't seem into the grand scheme of things here, as Love is one of the top 10 talents in the NBA and Williams would njust be backing him up. In Sacramento, Williams could play PF, and Cousins could play C. Here, Evans could work as a Dwayne Wade like SG, able to attack the basket and get to the Line.

This would make our line up:






Now, the SG void is filled and we can look for SF.

Option 1: Resign Beasley and make him understand his role(Spot up 3 point shooter)

Option 2: Trade for a veteran SF a la Iggy, Gay, Granger

Iggy (Add 18 (DWill is gone for Evans))

Iggy2 (Probably add in 18 or other pick)


Granger (Add 18)

Option 3: Sign Jeremy Evans, Nic Batum, or Gerald Wallace and move Wes back to wing.

My Plan of attack. Either sign Jeremy Evans, or trade for Iggy. Phily seems eager to move Andre, however, signing Jeremy Evans allows us to keep our players and move up in the Draft. At Cuse, Johnson excelled at SF and could do so here.







Draft plan of attack. If we have our 18th pick. We can move up, or move back. But I am all for staying at our current spot.

With the 18th pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves select.... Royce White.

Yes, He may be afraid to get on a plane, but he has too much talent to pass up at this spot. Getting on a plane takes exposure and is one of the easier things to overcome. White could be a Great 6th man. Being able to play SF/PF and he also has top 5 talent. He has also gone on record saying he wants to play for the T-Wolves. If worse comes to worse and he can't get on a plane, he can hitch a ride with the equipment people.

With the 58th pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves Select.... Marcus Denmon

He can shoot the ball, will provide a good rotational player. I am also a little MU bias but he is good

Kids I think we should also look at







My Best Roster, with these situations

Rubio, Ridnour, Barea

Evans, Johnson, Denmon

Evans, White, Webster

Love, Tolliver, Randolph

Pek, Darko (FO likes him too much to Amnesty IMO), Miller

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