After Sleeping on It (For a couple of Weeks)

The way the Batum signing is coming together. The more I think about it, the less I like it. When looking at the cap numbers, It doesn't seem Batum would fit in the the comitments we allready have.

SO the Way I am looking at it is

Would you rather have an offseason this year of Batum and Budinger, but risk the chance of Pek and Bud leaving next season? or, Roy, Shved,Hill/Steisma, and budinger, with a better chance of retaining everyone. Let ME show y ou the number to show my reasoning

Absolute Cap

Kevin Love 13,668,793

Nikola Pekovic 4,837,200

Derrick Williams 4,809,840

J.J. Barea 4,493,500

Wesley Johnson 4,285,560

Luke Ridnour 4,000,000

Ricky Rubio 3,741,120

Wayne Ellington 1,154,040

Chase Budinger 885,120

Malcom Lee 762,195

RObbie Hummel 800,000

Martell Buyout 600,000


Cap to use =18,207,987

Shved agreement= 3years/10million dollars 3,250,000 cap hit

Roy agreement= 2 years/ 10.4 million 5,000,000 cap hit

remaining cap = 9,957,987

Nic Batum agreement= 4 years / 46.5 million 11,000,000 cap hit

This just doesn't fit with the space we have. We could certainly fit Shved or Roy into the MLE. But not really. Our MLE is 2.5 million ehh? neithers deal would really work into them.

Following year our cap number would be somtheing along the lines of

44,920,969 (subrtracted expiring contracts and multiplied by 1.075 (7.5% increase))

Say the cap is at 60 mil next season, we have

15,079,030 to resign budinger and pek, and target other free agents.

Pek will probably recieve a contract in the 10 million range and Budinger somewhere in the 4 million dollar range.

resigning them basically eats up all our cap.

If adding Hill/steisma is in our plan, you can expect us not to pick up Wes's team option next year too.

Add Batum to the equation and the likely hood of us keeping our core is down the toilet. Plus when looking at his numbers, does he really dictate a contract like this?

I also think it's unfair to jump boat on DWill, I read he has a world class work effort, and him loosing weight to play the 3 is great news. atleast give him one more chance.

I apologize if this is jumbled and hard to follow, but try to do you best. Comment please!

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