Nic Batum Vs. Jared Dudley Vs. D-Will with Poll

Good morning everyone. This is my first CH Post, however, I have been following and enjoying it for years. The reason I decided to post this time is the Batum saga! I have a feeling this is going to be a big day! Don't get me wrong, I like to have Batum on our team and always advocated it! But, enough said about the Batum signing or trading for him. Either ways, it will put us above the Cap for the next (4) years and may result of loosing assets like Pek or Bud; if he pans out. Plus, we are going to loose D-will if we sign Batum either by trading him to Portland or by diminishing his value on the bench playing behind Love and Batum.

There was a trend in the past to trade for Dudley but somehow no one is proposing it anymore! Even if Phoenix didn't make him available, we should try again now since they lost Nash, possibly Hill and N.O matched their Max offer to Eric Gordon. I think it would make a lot of sense for the Wolves and the Suns to try to trade D-Will for Dudley for the following reasons:

For the Wolves:

1. Dudley almost has the same salary as D-Will, maintaining our Cap Space at roughly $14 Million.

2. Dudley gives us exactly the same production as Batum at approximately 1/3 of his cost for at least three years ($4.25M/Yr. for 4 years; 4th year is a player option).

3. Dudley has flourished playing next to a very unselfish PG like Steve Nash, and MN has the closest PG to Nash style in Rubio.

4. If Wolves doesn't trade D-Will in the Batum Signing, they kill his value by riding the pine on the bench behind Love, Batum, and possibly Budinger the likes of Toilver!

5. Wolves don't need to sign a 4th young Player with such a large contract (10-12 Million or more) knowing that Rubio and Pek will get big contracts; we are a small market team and can't afford it. Teams like NY, Chicago, Miami or LA can because their tickets and sales are at much higher value. Let us not forget the Wolves is a business and needs to be profitable.

6. With the $14 million Cap we sign Roy ($5M), Shved ($3M), Steamer ($3), Hummel ($1M), and either Hill, AT or AR ($2m); numbers are rough and rounded up but should be very doable.

7. Most great teams have the big three surrounded by above-average, proven veterans, and former/older All stars and deep bench. The Wolves will have the big three (Love, Pek & Rubio), proven Vets (Ridnour, Barea, Dudley, Budinger, Steamer, Toilver) and a former All-Star in Roy! With that combination we will attract a lot of Veterans to play here at the Veteran's minimum and developing a very deep bench.

Wolves will have the following very well-balanced, dangerous, and deep team under the cap:

PG: Rubio, Ridnour, Barea, Lee

SG: Roy, Shved, Ellington

SF: Dudley, Budinger, Wes.

P.F: Love, either Hill/AT/AR, Hummel

C: Pek, Steamer

A huge upgrade from last year at the SG and SF positions and a lot of flexibility to trade either Ridnour or Barea when Rubio comes back healthy at the trade dead-line this season for a very good asset. Next year we could easily extend Pek and Budinger comfortably and know where we stand with Ellington and Wes in their new 3rd backup role!

For the Phoenix Suns:

1. They have just lost on their max offer for Eric Gordon after N.O matched it, and there is not that many stars left to sign in free agency.

2. They have lost Steve Nash, and may loose Grant Hill who is a SF, bringing a lot of worries to their front office to sell tickets!!

3. D-will is fan favorite in AZ and will be a very cheap marketing chip to give their fans something to aim and hope for.

4. There is no guarantee that Dudley will perform at the same level without Nash to create for him. (See Stoudmire in NY)

5. Phoenix is signing Beasley who is a buddy of D-Will after playing a year playing with him in MN. Both of them are versatile combo forwards that can create their own shot and play average defense (D-Will is the better defender). Phoenix style of play depends on scoring to win!

6. Phoenix maintain their Cap space to land a Super-star at the trade deadline, or sign other free agents like Courtney Lee or O.J Mayo.

What do you think? Please comment with your thoughts. Thank you for reading and we hope to hear good news today.

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